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Does shredded coconut substitute to fresh coconut meat?

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no because shredded has to be dried before eating.
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How much is one package of shredded coconut?

A 'package' is not a recognised measure,so no way to tell without weighing it.

What if your shredded coconut is now stale do you throw it out?

You might be able to rehydrate it. Place it in a container with a tablespoon or two of HOT water. Cover with plastic wrap and let it sit on the counter for half an hour. If it

Do you have to refrigerate shredded coconut?

Unopened, no refrigeration is required. It will keep for about a year  * Opened in an air tight container or bag it needs refrigeration and will last about 6 months   Go

What is the Shelf life of shredded coconut?

This food does well when properly stored. Store in an airtight container and place in pantry. This food will keep for a few weeks. Place in the freezer and it will keep for a

Can coconut water substitute for coconut milk?

  No, it will not give the same flavour. Coconut water is a thin, watery liquid that tastes sugary but not incredibly coconutty. Coconut milk has the pulp added and is a t

Can a can of coconut be substituted with bagged coconut?

By bagged coconut I presume you mean dried coconut, if that is the case then yes you can. If the recipe calls for creamed coconut then mix enough water with the dried coconut

What is coconut meat?

Coconut meat is the white part of the coconut inside the coconut. For most people this is the only way they know coconut, the coconut meat. The actual fruit is a hard shelled