Does the Hammond animal shelter in Louisiana let 11 year olds volunteer there?

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I dont think it would being as the child labor laws state you have to be atleast 14 years old.
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Can 12 year olds volunteer at animal shelters?

12-year-olds can sometimes volunteer . Depending on what animal shelter you want to volunteer at depends if they allow 12-year old volunteers. Most animal shelters will all

Where can an 11-year-old volunteer with animals?

Try volunteering by walking dogs/cats, adopting, or feeding them.For more information, contact your local animal shelter or veterinarian office. . I too, would greatly enjoy

Can 13 year olds volunteer at animal shelters?

In some of them, you can. But not like the Humane Society though. You have to be eighteen to volunteer there. But if you find just some plain old animal shelter, I am very sur

Can you help volunteer at an animal shelter if you are 11 years old?

As part of a local volunteer group, probably yes. (In America) Why not go to or call your local animal shelter to verify? sorry but in most states u need to be 16 or older to