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Does the NSA really have a decripting machine called transltr?

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i think that is true
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What are the NSA?

NSA is an abbreviation for National Security Agency. From Wikipedia: "The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) is a cryptologic intelligence agency

What is NSA fun?

No Strings Attached fun means that someone does not want a relationship, only casual sexual encounters.

What is nsa sex?

First Response NSA means " No Strings Attatched" Basically it's just a one night stand, or not even the length of a night. Just a random hookup. A common website for nsa sex

What is nsa?

Answer   National Security Agency   *******   In terms of sexuality, NSA refers to "No Strings Attached" and is generally used to indicate casual sex is wanted.

Do chi machines really work?

The Chi Machine worked for me, especially in managing my chronic pain. I also saw it on the TV Show the Doctors where they talked about it.

Why are fruit machines called puggies?

Puggy derived as an old word for "monkey" and originally described an organ grinders instrument (puggy machine) hence the name given to fruit machines

What is nsa stand for?

NSA stands for National Security Agency, which monitors communication systems as a defense precaution.

Does a time machine really exist?

There are scientists working on a device which is like the time machine which has not yet been completed and may not be completed for another 10 to 15 years. ( I saw this on t

Can a time machine really exist?

In theory yes. Traveling to the past may never be possible, but traveling to the future can be accomplished by accelerating to relativistic speeds. Recall E-mc2. As you approa
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Does an ab machine really work?

When used correctly and paired with a lifestyle of a healthy diet and excercise, an ab machine will absolutely help strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. An ab machine c