Does the USCAV.COM sell U.S Army PT t-shirt Army PT shorts Army PT pants Army PT jacket?

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I don't know whether they sell Army pt shirts, pants, etc., but I did come across a cool store called SoldierCity which sells Army training clothes. Me and my boyfriend just got a couple of pairs of Army pt shirts and pants, and I got my dad (a retired Army veteran) some Army shorts for his summer workouts. We were all really impressed with the quality and service we got at SoldierCity.
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How tough is the PT in Army Boot Camp?

You will need to be able to do 42 Pushups, 53 situps, and run a 2 mile in 15:54 to pass Basic Training. These are only the minimum required to graduate.

What are the certiftions of pt?

There are many certifications related to physical therapy. Theseinclude a physical therapy aide certificate, certificates inspecialized physical therapy, and a graduate degree in physicaltherapy.

Does the Santa Claus elfs really make the U.S. ARMY IPFU T-Shirt ARMY IPFU Shorts ARMY IPFU Trousers ARMY IPFU Pants ARMY IPFU Jacket?

Buyer Beware!. This is NOT a BBB Accredited business . Complaints to the BBB indicate that Armed Forces Military Clothing Sales Store claims to be an Authorized Military Clothing dealer when in fact it is not. In addition, consumers claim that orders placed with the company are often late and inco (MORE)

What does pts stand for?

pts generally stands for 'points', an individual statistic measuring goals + assists for one player. For example, Evgeni Malkin, the NHL's leading scorer (aka he got the most pts or points) this past season (2011-12) scored 50 goals and got 59 assists, for a total of 109 pts

Army pt test fastest 2 mile?

"Nine minutes and thirty seconds. August 1981 Basic Training PT Exam. "the Warriors", Company Echo, 8th BN. 2nd BDE, Ft Jackson, South Carolina. By a male 17 year old high school (junior) student on a split option training from San Diego, Calif. Army National Guard."

What does PT stand for?

It means PHYSICAL THEREPAY. Thank you very much for letting me answer this question!!!=) Pressure_Treated"> Pressure Treated

Is the army for you?

The army is for to protect the country the army's in. It's not for you, if you mean for you to join, there is certain requirements that needs to be met, like you never went to jail, or be a Canadian Citizen, etc.

How do you get in the army?

Do some research by going to, then you have to contact a local US Army recruiter by either walking in to the office or by calling and setting an appointment. You will take a practice test at the recruiting station and if you score high enough they will set you up to take the ASVAB , (MORE)

What is army?

An army, besides the generalized meanings of 'a country's armed forces' or its 'land forces', is a type of formation in militaries of various countries

Why do you have army?

The army is like a large city. In the military, you have swimming pools, restaurants, lots of things you have in a normal city. There are lots of jobs in the army. You can be a military policeman, you can be a lawyer, doctor, medical sergeant, part-time soldier, armored officer (tank driver), lots o (MORE)

What was the army for?

The army is used to protect their own country of war. Sometimes there's missions that even an undercover police agent can't handle, that's when the army comes in.

What is the highest pt score ever in the army?

A Fort Jackson Soldier earned himself a 402 by doing the following. 132 push-ups in two minutes, 114 sit-ups in two minutes and an 11-minute, 53-second 2-mile run That's nothing...I was our class PT Officer while at FAOBC at Ft. Sill in the summer of 2004 and an active army soldier in our class--d (MORE)

What is PT 109?

PT 109 was a US Navy patrol tordedo boat commanded by John F. Kennedy in 1943.

Why be in the army?

Back During WW2 and WW1 the main reason to be enlisted was because everyone else was doing it and because fighting for your country was the honourable thing to do. Some places had conscripts (like Singapore today) Where once you're 18 you have to do two years in the army. Now the allure of the army (MORE)

What army regulation covers conduct of a soldier during PT that has a profile?

A medical profile in the Army is a form of orders issued by medical personnel. For most intents, it supercedes all other orders that conflict with the letter and intent of the issued profile. As an order given to a soldier, it falls under AR 600-8-105. There are a number of other regulations and Arm (MORE)

What do you have to do to get in the army?

First contact an Army Recruiter. They will give you a preliminary screening to make sure that your are fully qualified to enlist. If not they will advise you on whether the requirements are waiver-able or not. You must meet the height and weight requirements and be able to pass the ASVAB test which (MORE)

Where can you sell a colts pt 1856?

again, contact a colt dealer.............: if trying to sell ANY colt, go to a colt dealer ????????? at least you would get some. idea of value.........................

What is pt beam?

PT Beam is an initial for Post-Tensional beam. PT beams are slabsthat are flat or ribbed and are normally used in construction of abuilding's foundation.

Can any one explain the difference between formal and informal PT in the Army and tell where they found the answer?

\nFormality is a concept, a blueprint, a protocol, a traditional and non-negociable rule. NOT a guideline. Informality is behavioural, moral deviation, but NOT necessarily different from the formality itself. The difference between the two can be illustrated as follows: " Sign here, please." or "Sig (MORE)

What is a PT INR?

prothrombin time is a factor involved in the clotting process. the factors nearly all of which are produced in the liver.

What is the abrreviation of pt?

When I was in elementary school, we would ask each other "Are you P.T."? If the answer was yes, you were a pregnant teacher. If you answered no, you weren't potty trained. There you are!

How do you get out the army?

There are 3 classes of ranks in the United States Army: Commission Officers, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Soldiers. Commissioned Officers have the ability to simply resign their commission at any time, however, there may be penalties if they joined with a specific time commitment in exchange fo (MORE)

What is PT-CED..?

Pt means pretreatment line & ced means cathode electrode deposition line in paint shop. Pt ced line in mahindra & piagioo you can visit piagioo in dasehra free all of you thanks & regards ramakant kumbhar 9673001306

How many times can you fail the army pt test after AIT without being discharged?

When you fail an APFT, fail height/weight requirements, etc., you'll be flagged and barred from favourable action. Your chain of command has a fair bit of leeway in determining how long they'll give you. Once you're flagged and barred, remedial training will be implemented, and you'll be expected to (MORE)

Are men allowed to do woman's measurement in an army PT test?

No. The male and female PT tables are labeled that way for a reason. When the current three-event PT test (which I don't agree with as it doesn't really test the physical demands of a soldier; the Canadian Army's PT test is much better) was developed in the late 1970s, the female standards in all (MORE)

Are army pt tests required in a combat zone?

I've never had to take one in three combat tours, but I've seen some units which did administer them. Typically, these would be units which never left the FOB. However, in combat, there are more pressing matters than one's PT score.

What have to get in the army?

You must be between 18 and 42 years old, or 18 years old with parental consent. You must be a US citizen or hold a green card. Most candidates have high school diplomas, but up to 10% per year may have GEDs. You must meet certain fitness standards which a recruiter can explain to you, and you will b (MORE)

For Army PT is there a loop hole that allows a person to not do Company PT but rather PT on their own only?

There really doesn't need to be a loophole. If you're in a unit where you're on duty doing something else during company PT time, then you'd be required to do PT on your own. However, if you're in a unit which does PT together, and don't really have a valid reason why you can't do PT with the rest o (MORE)

What to do to get in the army?

First of all, you need to pass the requirements to serve in the Army. The enlistment standards covers these subjects: Age, Citizenship, Education, Aptitude, Physical Fitness, Dependency Status, Moral Character, etc. To view the enlistment standards, you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your com (MORE)

What is a PT warrant?

PT warrant is a warrant issued for production of an Accused. P.T. warrant means Prisoner's Transit Warrant.

Is the Army PT uniform authorised for wear on an airplane?

If you're taking a civilian flight you booked on your own, the airline isn't going to prevent you from doing so. However, you're not supposed to - when you're traveling, you're supposed to be either in Class A/B uniform, or in civilian clothes. If you're taking a DOD chartered flight to a duty stati (MORE)

What is the US army bathroom policy Can you use it anytime or only specific time What about during PT?

You won't be allowed to break ranks from formations to use the bathroom, but you're pretty much free to use the bathroom at any other time. You treat it like you would a car trip - if you're going to be in formation for an hour or more for something like, say, a change of command ceremony, then you (MORE)

Why do you have armies?

Countries have armies to protect their national interests. However, some countries in the past, have used their army to impose their will on other countries. That is generally considered an inappropriate use of force.

Why are you in the army?

I joined the Army to get the military service time that i needed to join the Coast Guard. If you're looking for a military career, you should look at a different branch of service.

Is ther an army regulation against sunglasses during pt?

AR 670-1 paragraph 1-15 "Conservative prescription and nonprescription sunglasses are authorized for wear when in a garrison environment, except when in formation and while indoors." When conducting PT (in garrison) you are always in some kind of formation, be it a standard formation, extend (MORE)

What is a pts electrician?

It's a Personal Track Safety Card for the railway industry. The card lists many duties undertaken within the rail environment following training and site assessment. Hope this helps :)

Why can a CT be shorted and a Pt cannot?

A current transformer pushes a ratio of primary current in the secondary. A potential transformer pushes a ratio of primary voltage in the secondary. Shorting a CT allows the full current the CT wants to push to flow. Shorting a PT makes it very difficult for the PT to produce rated voltage. To keep (MORE)

What is the pt transformer?

The abbreviation, 'PT', stands for 'potential transformer' (in Britain, the abbreviation is 'VT', and stands for 'voltage transformer'). This, together with a 'current transformer', falls into a category of transformer known as 'instrument transformers'. A 'PT' or 'VT' is used to reduce a high volt (MORE)

What is the highest pt score ever recorded in the us army?

The highest score ever recorded was 500 (max score recorded). Many soldiers achieved this score. Currently, the US Army has three events in the PT test (max score is 300). However, there used to be five events, thus the ability to score 5 x 100 = 500.