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What is the most common allergy in the United States?

A reaction to resin produced by poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac is the most common source of symptoms. It is, in fact, the most common allergy in this country, affecti

What state in the US has the most oil in it?

Alaska produces the most oil by a very wide margin of any other state. Ever twice as much as Texas which is second. ND is 9th. There are proven reserves and projected reserves

How much United States oil is exported?

  There is no official answer to how much crude oil is being exported that is easy to find online. There is, however, a Forbes article dated July 3rd, 2008, that provides

What is the most popular name in the United states?

It's different for each state as they all have different cultures, in California they may have 'original' names, compared to some more religious areas where biblical names may

What in the United states does a tornado form most?

tornadoes form most commonly in tornado alley which includes kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, minnesota, South Dakota and wyoming. but t

What is the southern most state in the United States?

Hawaii is the southernmost state in all of the United States. However, Florida is the southernmost state on the continental US.