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NO - but I want one anyway since it is carved from illegal whale bone.
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How do you brush your hair?

Okay really? You don't know how to brush your hair? That's really sad. I mean, your going to look like Abby or something. Go see a doctor. Kthanksbai.

Why when you brush your hair hair falls out?

Lack of some minerals and/or vitamins, well if you have a comb i would sujust you move to a different kind of brush i used to use boreing old fronisie now that ive switched to

How To Brush Hair?

you simply take a brush and start at the top and bring it down all around your hair :)

Does black hair really exist?

No black hair does not exist because black hair is just very dark brown hair unless your hair is jet blue that is when it is in the sun it has a tint of blue and your hair loo

What is a hair brush?

a hair brush is an object in which you slowly take in your hand and comb out your hair

Is brushing your hair healthy for your hair?

Hey there. :) Brushing is a daily routine that we should all do. It gets rid of tangles and smooths out the hair folicles. (Or the hair strand). However, brushing when hair

How do you curl your hair with a hair brush?

You can't curl you're hair with a hair brush. Curl you're hair with an iron curler.   i have tried to use a hair brush to curl my hair and it doesn't work, but what does wo

Do you have to brush your hair?

yes. you have to brush because if you don't you will get lots of knots and if you don't then the day you brush your hair it will be hard to get rid of it. maybe some of your h
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How do you get hair out of a brush?

To remove hair from a hair brush, you take a comb and comb the hair from the brush, once you have removed most of it from the brush using the comb, you can pick the rest of it