When does CSI Miami season 6 show in UK?

according to channel 5 website FAQ this is response. Will you be screening Series 6 of CSI:Miami? We are pleased to confirm that we have acquired the rights to Series 6. Ho (MORE)

Will CSI Miami be back on with new shows?

I sure hope so, in my opinion CSI Miami is one of the best shows on TV. The Producers put everything in this show, it has suspense, drama, action, reality, science fiction, ad (MORE)

Why are the CSI shows is so popular... CSI Las Vegas.. CSI Miami.. CSI New York..?

Because, my friend, it's pure awesomeness. It's dynamic, it's cool, it's funny, and it hits your heart, both sympathising for the victims and families, and also for the CSI's (MORE)

What is CSI Miami about?

CSI:Miami is about a team of CSI's who are lead by Horatio Caine(played by David Caroso, with his sunglasses and one-liners) while they investigate various crimes in Miami, Fl (MORE)

When does CSI Miami season 9 show in the UK?

I've looked all over the Internet for this and I cannot find anything to tell me when it's on! The only date I've found is sometime in may but I don't know, I do however know (MORE)