Does the death star crash on endor?

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No. It blew up over Endor's orbit.
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Lego star wars II battle of endor beat it how?

Destroy everything, then go to the right. Go into the hatch as wicket and have him assemble the pieces for the bridge, so that the other characters can cross. (You'll need the

How do you complete 'Battle of Endor' in Lego Star Wars?

First save the two Ewoks then go back to Wicket.Cross the logs(you should be Chewbacca or Wicket) then in the forest find the place where you can see two AT-STs.Enter one of t

What is endored?

further explanation needed, this word is not known in the English language

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What is the Star Wars theme to endor called?

If you're referring to the song I think you're referring to, it'stitled, The Parade of the Ewoks . The other music used in reference to Endor & the Ewoks aretitled, Secondar