Does the entropy of a system stays the same over time?

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Does language change over time or does it stay the same?

Language definitely changes over time. If language were static, we wouldn't know what to do with all the new technology, because a static language isn't open to new words and

What is entropy in system development?

Due to inertia and non-conflict an ineffective coordination prevails thus there will be gradual decline in the organisational health and thus entropy is triggered in the organ

Does the entropy of a system stay the same over time?

The entropy of a system cannot decrease unless heat is leaving it. This means that if the system is closed (i.e. nothing gets in or out - and that means absolutely nothing)

What happens to a system as entropy increases?

Fundamentally, if the entropy of a system increases, that means that the energy of the system ("normalized" to , i.e., divided by the temperature of the system) has become mor
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Do dunes stay the same over Time?

No, because wind will erode the sand. This deforms dunes over time. The eroded sand will eventually be deposited to make more dunes, though.

Do landscapes stay the same over long periods of time due to erosion?

Generally it is the process of erosion that changes the landscapesas it can wear away things and erosion from rivers gradually formravines in the landscape/ valleys. However M