Does the female pigeon look after the baby pigeon or does the male pigeon?

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Both male and female pigeons look after their babys.
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What are pigeons?

Pigeons, also called Doves are a species of bird, the best known pigeon is the feral Rock Pigeon or Rock Dove, which is common in many cities around the world. They are stout-

What is pigeon?

Pigeon is a bird which are present in heavy populations in certainparts of the world. Its grey in colour with a touch of black on itswings and a green and pink shiny shade on

What is a pigeon?

A pigeon is a plump bird sometimes used for racing or for carrying messages.Pigeons are often found in cities.They are related to doves.. Actually, pigeons are doves. The lar

How can i tell if pigeon is male or female?

Male pigeons (cocks) are larger and more territorial. Females (hens) are smaller and more passive. Because of the electrolytes in their body, you can use a magnet cut into a s

How do you know if a pigeon is a male or female?

I haven't as yet found anyone that can be exactly sure of sexing youngsters, but I find that I can mostly tell by their behaviour when they are over five to six weeks old. Coc

How can you tell the difference between male pigeons and female pigeons?

The male will call but the females wont. In outward appearance, they are identical. You'd have to dissect one to know. Behaviorally, during the breeding season males will c

What do both female and male pigeons look like?

The female pigeons it is smaller in size their wattles are smaller her beak is thinner the size of her head is smaller and does not display very often as the male pigeon does

What were pigeons for?

The first reason to keep them was to eat the flesh. It later camethe knowledge of the messaging and homing capabilities. These days,people keep them to race them.

What a pigeons?

Those are birds who constitute the bird family Columbidae. Pigeons are stout-bodied birds with short necks,and short, slender bills with fleshy ceres . They feed on seeds