Does the human body regenerate every 7 years?

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We regenerate constantly in a way, in terms of cells. I'm going to give an answer that strays this topic a bit, but it should help you all understand . We don't regenerate in that sort of aspect. Our cells multiply (which is a form of regeneration because mostly when our cells multiply most of the old ones die after a while, and there are small string like things attached to each cell that over time (in terms of ageing and multiplying) get shorter and shorter untill it runs out and leaves the cell open causing them all to burst or defect) (death by old age) this can even kill you if your medically healthy and is just the way of life. Unless we can preserve these cells or live without them, living over 120-30 is pretty much impossible. Oh and may I add that the multiple rapid cell regen (some forms of cancer) is so hard to survive for a long time is because if its left for too long our cells will multiply so much either causing burst or defect, or overloads. I hope I explained this okay - basically we don't regenerate in the form you are talking about, but we are constantly regenerating/forming new cells which is somewhat a form of regeneration

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How do octopus regenerate their body parts?

\nIt is doubtful that the Giant Pacific octopus can regenerate it's arms. After 15 years of observations, none of the octopus that had fewer than 8 arms were able to regenerate.\n. \nWilliam Hanshumaker\nHatfield Marine Science Center\nOregon State University

How much does the human body grow a year?

The amount that a human body will grow in a year is directlyrelated to the age of the person as well as gender and availabilityof food. The highest growth rate is from birth to age 1 when thehuman body averages a height increase of 10 inches and triples inweight. Children typically experience growth (MORE)

Is DNA the same in every cell in the human body?

Yes, (except for slight random replication mutations that may happen due to exposure to radiation or harsh chemicals or invasion by viruses) apart form the egg and sperm cells which contain only half the DNA.

How long to regenerate the human blood supply?

The same question was asked at another site and this was the answer given: As an example, on average a normal, healthy individual who donates a unit of blood (about 450 ml or ¾ pint) will fully recuperate from the blood loss in four to six weeks. The issue is a bit more complicated than that (MORE)

Does your body change every seven years?

If you average all the cells as they live, multiply, and die, many sources say that it takes seven years for all of them to change in your body. This is somewhat true, but also somewhat misleading. The truth is that different cells have different lifespans. For example, the nerve cells in your brain (MORE)

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Human limb regeneration is it possible?

Human limb regeneration is not fully possible at this point in time. The reason is that certain cells cannot be restored or "regenerated". For recovery of limb loss cells must be taken from another body that is alike to the one with limb loss. Stem cell research is the closest thing humans have gott (MORE)

Can a human rib regenerate?

Generally speaking there is no Western Medicine explanation, or examples of this happeng. But, since the human body is such marvelous mystery, there are accounts of human beings regenerating parts of their bodoes. Though this is rare, it is found more in the Eastern Medical Traditions. Anything is p (MORE)

Why does the human body need to regenerate bone?

umm...our bodies are designed to fix a wound such as a cut or burn. so if you were to break a bone or something then i think that the body would naturally regenerate bone. but say if you were growing then your body needs to generate bone to compensate for your growth. and if you want to have strong (MORE)

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Why does every cell in the human body need protein?

Every living cell needs protein because proteins are the molecular machinery of life. Think of a car, it cannot move without wheels, an axle, engine, or transmission. The driver of the car would be nucleic acids and the fuel would be carbohydrates and lipids but all the "hardware" would be proteins. (MORE)

How many human years for every dog year?

It is often said that one dog year is equivalent to seven human years, because that is the rate at which young dogs mature. A two year old dog is the equivalent of a forteen year old human adolescent, for example. This equivalence does not correlate quite as accurately with respect to aging. Dogs of (MORE)

Does Venus have 1 hour of sunlight every 7 years?

No. Half of the planet would be in sunlight (day) while the other half would be in darkness (night), just like the Earth, with the exception of its rotational speed, which is about once every 243 Earth days, instead of Earth's 24 hours.

How can a human regenerate when they die?

to die is to live no longer, you cannot regenerate when you die, your heart no longer beats, your brain is no longer active, you'd have no life, ever lean or lay on your arm too long and theres no blood that goes into it? and all you feel is numbness and its heavy? well, take that as an example of w (MORE)

An answer to another question stated your body changes every 7 years - what that's all about ...the question was What does a sporadic pain behind the ear in the back of the head mean?

The statement that your body changes every 7 years is an oversimplification of maturation and aging and is not an accurate statement. Sporadic pain behind the ear and in the back of the head can be anything from a tension headache to a tumor. That is not enough information to make a diagnosis. The (MORE)

Can goldfish regenerate body parts?

Yes, I chopped of one of it's legs and sure enough in a weeks time it had grown back... if they lose an eye they will grow 5 in replacement.

Does the body chemistry change every 7 years?

Doctors have told me this for years, but the one who prescribed my barbiturate yesterday said it wasn't true. He's a great doctor and been around for years, so I'll take his word over the others.

Does the body regenerate sperm?

Once puberty is begun, the body continues to make new sperm every day of a guy's life until the day he dies, so you never have to worry about "running out."

Can starfish regenerate body parts?

Yes they can, because their body parts are so simple that it's easy to duplicate. Humans, on the other hand, are complicated (muscle structure, bones, tissues) so they cannot grow back.

Does the human body need sleep every night?

Yes, in most cases. However, some people have medical conditions that do not allow them to sleep, and while they may experience minor hallucinations, they otherwise survive.

What are the 7 elements of the human body?

Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorus, calcium and potassium are the main 7 elements in the human body. However sodium and a smaller amount of other elements (iron, zinc, etc.) are requrired to survive. Most other elements are found in the body in trace quantities.

What animals regenerate body parts?

Many lizards can regenerate their tails; axolotls can regenerate toes, or even internal organs. Many insects and spiders can regenerate lost limbs, but usually they have to wait until they molt (shed their exo-skeleton).

What are the 7 human body cell?

red blood cells muscle firbers reproductive cell (spem and ovum) cone cells in the eyes white blood cells such as eousinophills nerve cells such as neurones hair cells

How many cells makes in human body every day?

The rate of blood cell formation varies depending on the individual, but a typical production might average 200,000,000,000 red cells per day, 10,000,000,000 white cells per day, and 400,000,000,000 platelets per day.

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What are the name of every long bones in the human body?

i know alot of the bones, so I'm just gonna say them all... skull or cranium - your head mandible - a jaw bone clavicle - fell the top of your shoulder, like the very top... that's where it is scapula - shoulder blade sternum - the middle of your chest... a little to the right of your hea (MORE)

How do you write a literature review on regeneration in humans?

Well, basically you need to read a bunch of literature on the topic then write a high quality summary. . Regeneration in humans could be a huge topic or a very narrow one, so it's a good idea to define the scope of your review. For example: will you be reading/writing about regeneration of human (MORE)

How do human cells regenerate?

Human cells regenerate by using stem cells. Stem cells are activated by Carbon 12 and Carbon 14 molecules in our blood stream and they regenerate cells.

Why do we only have a leap year every 7 years?

We do not have a leap year every 7 years. It is every 4 years. Itis possible that in a sequence of 7 years, that there is only oneleap year in the middle of it. For example 2000 and 2008 were leapyears, so in the intervening 7 years, there was only one leap year: 2001 2002 2003 2004 was a leap ye (MORE)

What does it mean to regenerate in a human body?

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