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Does the husband ever encourage his wife to spend time with his new lover perhaps to disguise his new lover to his wife as just a friend?

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Whoa. While I can't say I've actually seen that happen...I can see how that would be a shady, underhanded way of trying to slip past detection. It's devious...but pretty brilliant in its dishonesty.
I'd say yes...that would work. But for someone who suspects that's happening...all it takes is seriously open eyes and a little detective work to see what is really going on.
My husband actually did this over Christmas party. But I already had suspicions about him cheating on me so I could make him confess in few days. i could easily figure out what was going on between them.  
Yes it happened to a friend of mine and she became the stepmother of a little girl.  
I've never heard of this but i am a guy and if i were cheating on her with another girl i would not want the two of them to be friends because if one of them found out i was going out with the other it would probably create huge problems  
Yes, my husband tried to disguise the fact that he was having a homosexual relationship by creating a friendship between our family and the family of his lover. I thought he had developed a normal frindship with this man and when they spent time together I thought they were doing normal "guy things." It turns out that they were actually maintaining a sexual relationship.
woah i feel bad 4 all of you guys! im only 12! I DNT wnt that happnin to me!
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