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Does the iPad 2 have USB ports?

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It has a dock connector that you can adapt to a USB port with the Camera Adapter Kit.
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How do you tell which port is USB 11 and which is USB 2?

  In Window XP:"Right click my computer, then "manage", select device manager and scroll down to USB controllers. Click the + then look for the word "Enhanced" in either o

Where can you find your USB 2 ports?

  Well it depends on if you have a laptop or a desktop and what kind they are. Here is a picture of what they look like and were they are usually located on a desktop comp

What are the USB ports on the PlayStation 2 for?

The USB ports on the PlayStation 2 are multi-purpose, and could in theory be used for any peripheral that a game wanted. The most common uses are for the EyeToy, the PlayStati

What are the usb ports for on playstation 2?

  I believe you can transfer memory data from your memory cards to your flash drive. This would be useful if you wanted to back up your data or needed to format your car

What is the USB port on the iPad?

The USB Port on an iPad is for either charging, or syncing media (music, apps, etc.) to the device.

Does iPad 2 have USB?

Yes it has. And i think you should use the apple usb cable with an ipad but not all the cables fit.

Does iPad 2 come with a usb?

No, but you can purchase the camera connection kit for $30, which lets you use usb devices such as, keyboards, external hard drives, etc. You can use almost anything but a mou
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Will USB 2 devices work in a USB 3 port?

Yes they will. The USB 3 format is simply a faster data transfer rate. USB 2 devices will work - but only at USB 2 speeds.