Does the iguanas care for their babies and who does?

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All species of iguanas lay eggs. After mating with a male iguana, The female digs a nest and lays up to 70 eggs in it. She buries the eggs. after about 10 - 14 weeks The young hatch and dig their way to the surface. Baby iguanas grow slowly. They become adults and able to mate when they are 2 years old. Some iguanas can live for 30 years.
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How do you care for an iguana?

by giving it all it's resources and the foods it eats and the showering weekly all that would help on how taking care of a iguana for more information go to and as

What is a baby iguana called?

Baby iguanas don't have a special name for them. However, since they hatch from eggs, you could call them "hatchlings".

What do you feed a baby green iguana?

Iguanas are entirely herbivorous (plant-eating) from the time of birth and do not require any type of animal protein at any point in their lives. Older iguana studies indicate

What does a baby iguana look like?

Baby iguanas are so cute there lime green , they can not whip there tail its like a limp noodle tail. they are extremely hard to feed , Probably have to force feed, Its better

How does an iguana take care of its young?

It doesn't. When a female iguana is about to lay eggs she digs a burrow and lays the eggs there. After that she abandons them. When they young hatch they must fend for themsel

Are iguanas easy to take care of?

I certainly wouldn't recommend one as a 'first-time' lizard ! They can grow to two metres in length - and some can turn vicious as they get older (speaking from experien
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How do iguanas treat their babies?

They lay their eggs, watch over the eggs for a little while, then leave them be. once most reptiles have hatched they're on their own, and they know how to survive based on in
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How to care for iguanas?

Give your iguana a lot of sunlight. It is also very important to provide adequate heat for your iguana Prepare your iguana's home. Other things to consider include the n