Does the male hamster eats their own babies or the female?

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A hamster usually won't eat her babies unless if it is ill and/or dying. The mother may also eat her baby if anyone has touched it. If you touch a baby the mother will smell an un-natural scent and the first thing she'll think is 'danger'. A hamster.. in this case.. will either abandon the baby or eat it to keep her other babies safe.
If you have a pregnant hamster; DO NOT pick up the babies when they are born (even though its hard to resist). It'd probably be best if you left the mother and her babies alone for a while. When you clean the cage, work around the mom. You don't want to disturb or distress her in any way.
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Why do female hamsters eat male hamsters?

A female hamster shouldn't even be in the same cage as a male hamster,unless you are trying to breed them.If they are together the male will naturally try to mate with her,it doesn't matter to him that she might not be in heat. If a female isn't in heat she will attack any male that is in the cage w (MORE)

If a teddy bear hamster gets babies do you have to separate the male and female?

if you don't want hundreds of hamsters in a year, than yes, that would be smart. Answer After 3 weeks you should separate the males into one cage and females into another. Try to sell them (if that i your purpose) as soon as you can or separate cages if you intend to keep them because Teddy Bears (MORE)

Why do hamsters eat their own babies?

For one, a male hamster might eat its babies simply because-- most likely if they're boys-- he will get territorial and probably doesn't want them. A female probably would if you get your human scent on her babies by touched them too soon-- They don't like human scent. One more main reason a hamst (MORE)

Can you put the male hamster with the female hamster with the babies?

If you are talking about dwarf hamsters, make sure that the babies are aleast 5 weeks old and are running around and are big enough so that the male will not eat them. If you put the male back with the female then it is very common that they will mate again and/or fight often as they have been separ (MORE)

Will the male hamster eat the baby hamsters?

Your hamster could eat its babies and then again it might not. You do need to separate the male from the cage because he definitely will eat them. Make sure that you are feeding them the best food possible

Which is better a male hamster or a female hamster?

it depends if you like girl hamsters or boy hamsters. if you want a dworf hamsthen i would get a boy because they are bigger then the girls regular sized hamsters i would get a girl cause they usually are super cute..

Does a female hamster need a male hamster?

no but your hamster does need a friend. Your hamster does not necessarily need a male hamster unless you need to breed it. It could just have a friend hamster boy or girl.

Do male cats eat there own baby?

well, iwouldn't say that they would have a baby but they wont eat their own baby. but if you start messing with the babies it might make them feel safe and so they will start coming out and you will NEED to WATCH OUT FOR THEM ON THE GROUND

What is wrong if the female hamster is eating her babies?

if she is eating her babies that means she doesn't think it's her's.the way 2 prevent that is not to touch the babies until their eyes have opened or if they are about 2-3 wks old, because if u do touch them then ur scent is on them now-not her's.

When should male and female hamster babies be separated?

They should be separated if you do not wish them to have babies. They start doing this at about 5 weeks old so this is the age they should be separated at. They don't stop drinking from the mother until two weeks old and so its important the puppies aren't separated until they are old enough to cope (MORE)

Can a male hamster eat a baby female hamster?

I was breeding hamsters for awhile-- it is typical for the FEMALE to eat her first litter. She often feels inadequate to tend to her first litter. The male isn't known for eating the babies (male or female) since he's like any "typical male" and prefers to let the female do all the work.

Will a male hamster eat its baby hamsters?

yes all male hamsters eat their babies when your female hamster is pregnant you should separate the male from the mother and the babies or he will eat them and kill the mother !

Can a baby female hamster live with a full grown male hamster?

no not really its not a good choice but i haven't tried it i have just read in my hamster book that males and females can fight if they are not mating i wouldn't try it its best to go and ask a vet the Internet isn't better than them. If you would like to test what each of them would try buying zuzu (MORE)

Can your male hamster stay in the cage with the female and her new born babies?

NO NO NO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! the male will eat the newborns and you will be getting ready to go to a funeral! PLEASE put cardboard between the adult male and the female with newborns. Make sure to feed her a TINY bit extra if she is nursing. P.S. And exchange the cardboard with wood if he st (MORE)

Do female hamsters kill male hamsters?

It depends. Syrian and Teddy Bear hamsters will kill each other if they are the SAME gender , even if they are related. There will be less fights if you put hamsters of the opposite gender together to mate. Dwarf hamsters live in groups, so female dwarfs and male dwarfs won't attack each other and (MORE)

How can you get your female hamster to get along with your male hamster?

Well, it depends on the hamsters, because every hamster is different and they react differently when interacting with other hamsters. Some males and females, when put together may fight, or some may not, it's just a matter of chance. You can try to make sure that they have enough bedding to dig arou (MORE)

Why does the male hamster eats the baby hamster?

Female hamster sometimes eat their young too. This is happens sometimes, if you want you can separate the baby from its parents and care for it in a special way (can be found in a book or you can Google it). The male hamster shouldn't be with the babies either way. The male should only be with a fem (MORE)