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Does the money received from an auction of the car go towards the debt owed even if you received a refund from it also?

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IF you got the "surplus" refund, it should have been payed off. You must have had a lot of equity(down payment) in the car to get a refund.
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If you owe money on a car still and it gets repoe'd does the amount at auction get deducted from your debt or what?

Answer . The car is either sold privately or at a closed auction.Then that the amount\nthe bank receives from the sale(the car is usually sold below market\nsometimes way b

My children are going to receive social security benefit back pay i owe arrears for child support will the money go toward my arrears for childsupport?

Any back pay money you receive from Social Security will go towards your child support arrears. Although I don't know if they will take as much as they need or just a percenta

Will you receive the money if your car is totaled out by the insurance company and you still owe payments?

Seeing that there is a "Lein Holder" (the financing company that you went through) on the registration, whatever is owed on the vehicle will be paid off first and if there is

When you will receive your refund?

It all depends on how you file. If you file the standard "mail-in" way, expect a refund in 4-6 weeks. If you do them online or with a tax professional, the wait time is

Do you owe taxes on money you received from donating?

A donation to an individual is considered a gift. If you received it as cash and did not give the other person a receipt, don't worry about it if it wasn't a lot of money.