Does the national guards pay more than the coast guards?

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A service member serving on active duty in the Coast Guard would receive more money from their branch of service than a National Guard member serving in a reserve capacity would. However, the pay scale is universal throughout the whole of the Armed Forces - an E1 in one branch gets paid the same as an E1 in any other branch, thus, someone who is in an activated National Guard unit, or someone who is in a National Guard unit as a full timer will receive the same base pay as anyone of equal rank and time in service in any other branch.
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What is the pay scale for the National Guard?

The pay scale of the National Guard varies depending on your class and there are also bonuses and incentive pay for certain tasks and duties. For instance, a newly enlisted

Which is better the National Guard or Coast Guard?

If you want to be fully employed and kept busy...join the Coast Guard. Formerly under the directive of the Teasury Department, then the Transportation Department, now the Home

Is the coast guard a branch of the national guard?

no it is not, its is it own branch of service, funded completely by the U.S. government. Not like the national guard the has state influence. Actually, the Coast Guard is unde

What is the difference between National guard and the coast guard?

The Coast Guard is a fully federal force, assigned with the enforcement of maritime law and security. The National Guard is a partially state organized force (although ultim

What does a coast guard search and rescue pay?

You can google a military pay chart. They get paid the same as everyone else in the CG, the same as everyone else in the military. There is nothing extra for search & rescue.
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What is the pay of a coast guard member?

That depends on rank and corresponding pay grade (for civilian employees, it's GS rating), time in service, number of dependents, and any other additional allowances they're e