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Does the noncustodial parent have to pay child support if the custodial parent makes more money than the noncustodial parent?

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The income difference between both parents are irrelevant when it is in reference to child support. There is, in most family courts, a calculation based on the total cost to raise a child. Most states can only take up to or about 10-20% of a persons income but that is just a baseline and other factors such as cost of living for the individual paying the child support can greatly affect the payout to the other parent.
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Does the parent who has custody ever have to pay the noncustodial parent support?

Alimony to the non-custodial parent may still be ordered; depends on the circumstances. Child support payments are based on both the needs of the child and the ability of th

If a custodial parent moves out of state for more than 30 days and leaves her 16 year old to fend for himself does the noncustodial parent have to continue to pay child support?

Yes.   A different view:   If the custodial moves out of state and abandons a minor, then the custodial parent should be charged with endangering a minor, child abuse an

Does the noncustodial parent have to pay child support to custodial parent if child moves in with noncustodial parent?

No, but the new CP should immediately return to the venue that issued the order to get it terminated, or at least suspended until custody is worked out. Wrong. The newly-cust

When only separated does the noncustodial parent have to pay a certain amount of money or pay any child support.. If not can custodial parent file for arrearages in divorce?

  The absent parent will be ordered to pay support, regardless of the nature of the absence.     Do not pay without a court order. If necessary, file a voluntar

How is child support calculated if the custodial parent earns more than the noncustodial parent?

Depends on whether it's the mother or father earning more and related issues to access. Marcia Clark, the OJ Simpson prosecutor earned nearly 5X more than Gordon and and they

Does the wife of the noncustodial parent that owes child support have to pay the custodial parent child support if the noncustodial parent is not working?

It depends on the state. If your state calculates child support based on household income, then yes, she would be required to pay her husband's child support. If your state ca
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How long does a noncustodial parent pay child support?

That depends on the language of the order for support and the laws of the State in which that order was entered. However, in general, child support continues to at least age 1