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Does the north sea freeze in the winter?

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Why fish don't freeze in winter?

because the ice on top of the water has little atoms stick to each other and sir gets grapes in side between the atoms which makes ice flot on top of the water and that preven

Why doesn't the sea freeze when lakes do?

it is because the sea contains salt and it naturaly lowers freezing point for the sea. Also it has factors of movement in it due the the fact the sea never stops moving.

Freezing point of sea water?

The freezing point of seawater is 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The  average boiling point of seawater is 100 degrees Fahrenheit but it  dependent on the salinity level in the wate

How do you desalt sea water by freezing it?

First off you have to fill two cups up with water and fill them with sea salt, stir until the solution has merged into one. After doing this set one of the glasses into the

How do ducks not freeze in water in winter?

They swim about slowly in a circle (sometimes with other aquatic birds) as a group which prevents (up to certain temperatures) the water around them from freezing. ----------

Why sea water do not freeze?

The seawater does freeze. The freezing point of seawater depends upon it's salinity,which is the amount of salt that it contains. Open ocean seawater has a salinity of about 3

Why coconut oil freeze in winter?

Coconut oil has got some natural tendency to freeze at a low temp. So if it freezes in winter season, it confirms it purity. Coconut oil has the freezing point of 25.1 deg. C

What temperature does sea water freeze?

This depends on several factors: Amount of salt (its not constant) and pressure (water depth). Generally on the surface, under normal conditions, water will start to freeze

Do fish in lakes freeze in the winter?

To answer this question, you have to account for many variables. Excluding morphology of the lake and generalizing behavior (as well as species of fish) it is possible for fis

Does a whole lake freeze in winter?

The entire surface of a lake may certainly become frozen during the wintertime in some areas, but unless the lake in question is fairly small, it is unlikely for a lake to fre

How do you freeze sea scallops?

It is okay to freeze sea scallops. If you need to clean the  scallops then do so. Wrap the scallops tightly in plastic wrap  freezer bag. Place the scallops in the coldest p