Does the post office take credit cards?

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That is easy yes i saw my dad do it before but he got yelled at i think he was drunk or something I don't know he usually doesn't drink that much so........... i guess that's it.
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Can a credit card company take your home?

No. Credit card debt is unsecured debt. Your home mortgage is secured debt. There is nothing securing the balance you may owe on your plastic. So, for a CC company to really do anything about an unpaid balance, they must first get a judgment against you, with which they will attempt a garnishment. T (MORE)

Where can you take post office exam in Memphis tn?

When a postal worker application is successfully submitted online,the instructions for the Maintenance Exam 995 are provided byemail. Correspondences throughout the hiring process are donethrough email.

What is the American head office of American Express credit card?

American Express Corporation\nWorld Financial Center\n200 Vessey Street\nNew York, NY 10285\n. \nTelephone: (212) 640-2000\nFax: (212) 640-0128\n. \nFurther information regarding contact details AND organizations where you can lodge a complaint against American Express is available on (MORE)

What can you do when a credit card company takes you to court?

State and local laws vary by jurisdiction so it's tough to advise you on this question. As far as I know, they can not put you in jail. However, there is probably a judgment against you now and if they find out where you work then they will probably start wages garnishments. The court date you misse (MORE)

Can credit card companys take your house if the cards are unsecured?

No, Unsecured is exactly That Unsecured by any collateral. Now the process is that after they write off the debt a collection agency can take you to court and if they win a default judgment , BOW they can proceed to garnish wages, seize assets and so forth. But a lien on the property would come firs (MORE)

Want to open the post office card account?

See your local Job Centre and ask for a 'Letter of Invitation For A Post Office Card Account' Take the letter to your local Post Office, hand it over and ask for a form for a Post Office Card Account. Once The form is filled in, wait two weeks. You will receive two letters. The first is a letter of (MORE)

What does it take to be approved for a credit card?

You need to understand how credit card issuers determine credit worthiness. The approval criteria varies from among issuing banks, but generally relates to what's often called the three C's of credit: capacity, character and collateral. Capacity refers to your ability to pay based on your income and (MORE)

How long does it take to get approved for a credit card?

Credit card issuers promise a fast approval process. As for how long does it take them to approve your credit card, this varies by issuer. But the typical time required is around five to seven business days. Issuers will be able to provide more information through their customer service departments

What is Office of Consumer Affairs rating of YesCreditOne credit card?

I applied and they say online that they have mailed my card. It's been a month and have yet to receive it. Good luck getting someone to answer the phone. I have tried several times to get through and give up after fifteen minutes on hold. Now I just want to get through and cancel my application. (MORE)

Can ATMs take your credit card?

You can call your credit card company and have a PIN assigned to your credit card, so you can use it to get cash at ATMs. Mind you, this money is considered a cash advance and the fees and interest charged will be higher.

Does winco take credit cards?

At this point, we do not accept credit cards. While you cannot use credit cards at our employee-owned stores, youare welcome to use your debit card that requires a pin number atany of our check-stands. Each of our stores also has an ATM nearthe front of the store for public use with a low usage fee (MORE)

Can child benefit and child tax credits be paid into a post office card account?

For your income tax refund you can use the below information. Use Form 8888 if you want the IRS to directly deposit your tax refund to either two or three of your accounts at a bank or other financial institution (such as a mutual fund, brokerage firm, or credit union) in the United States. If you f (MORE)

When did credit card regulations take effect?

It was 3 different sections that went into effect at different times. The first went into effect in late August of 2009, the next went into effect in February of 2010 and the last took effect in August of 2010

Is it illegal to take an adult's credit card without permission?

According to law, it says taking an adult's credit card or taking any other people's credit card is against the law. That means yes, it is illegal to take an adult's credit card without permission. It means that your dad or mom will be mad at you and you will have to speak to the judge at court. I (MORE)

Do flea markets take credit cards?

If the individual vendors want to pay the transaction fees, they will offer to take payment. But, in my experience, it is best to have cash.

Can you buy an id card from post office to confirm age and address?

In most states, ID cards are issued by the same agency that issues driver's licenses. The post office is not involved. You can apply for a passport at most post offices; however, this does not actually confirm address: you're supposed to write your address in your passport in pencil, so you can cha (MORE)

Why can't credit card collectors take you to court in Texas?

Creditors have the legal option to sue a debtor for default in financial contracts in Texas and every other U.S. state. However, Texas has a rather unusual statute which does not allow a judgment creditor to garnish the judgment debtor's wages unless there are no other options for collecting the deb (MORE)

How long does it take for a credit card to fall of your credit?

credit card information should automatically purge from your credit bureau 6 years from the date of last activity. ie) if you pay your account in full (nil balance) on June, 2012 (DLA=date of last activity) and you do not use the account, the account should purge on June, 2018

How can one open a post office card account?

For one to open a post office card account, the person needs to ask the government facility that issues their payment (i.e.: pension, taxes, etc.) for approval. If the government agency is one that pays to a post office card account, one will be opened for you by that agency. Once the card is open (MORE)

Where can you go to apply for Take Credit Cards?

Applications for credit cards can be found online with the banking or credit institution that the card is associated with. To apply for Take credit cards, go online to the Take website for application procedures.

What if someone takes your credit card?

Report it to the card company as stolen, as soon as possible ! Youare liable for all transactions on your card - unless you report itstolen. Once reported, your liability for any further transactionsceases.