Does the state pay you while fostering children?

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If you are looking to foster children then you should be doing it out of the goodness of your heart and not ask for anything in return but yes most states do pay you to foster children
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If you have joint custody of your children do you have to pay child support while they spend the summer with you in NY?

This is an issue which should have been addressed in the original support agreement. If there is no stipulation as to how support should be administered when the children are with you. You are still obligated. You can however, have the order modified to read, that when you have physical custody the (MORE)

Can you have foster children and adopt from China?

Answer . Yes. As long as your home has room for foster children and they would be comfortable, then there isn't a problem with it. Just be sure you contact the social worker to let them know.. Answer . ADOPTIONS are based on your ability to foster and your means; (room enough in\nyour house, (MORE)

What are your rights if you were hit by a drunk driver while paying the toll on a state highway?

Answer . \nsee a lawyer........state laws, private vs public property, and civil issues need to be addressed.......seeing a lawyer for a consultation should not cost anything. if so your lawyer is johnny cochran (who is dead) or of that caliper or two go see another lawyer........ Answer . Ho (MORE)

Your ex does not want to pay child support while the children visit him for 7 weeks Doe he still need to pay?

Are you still responsible for medical insurance, paying for the house where they live, any other expenses? Ask the court for their answer to that question. Answer Of course he needs to pay as usual. Housing and other expenses go on, and I am sure the divorce agreement does not see it as he doe (MORE)

What's the pay for foster parent care?

70$00 a day This is not an actual true number. It is based on the childs level of care. Depends on the state rates also. Texas is 45 for basic, 70 for moderate and 100 for specialized which these amounts are per day. I am not sure what intense level of care pays.

Why do children go into foster care?

Their parents are physically not able to care for the child because of many reasons. They may not have enough money to feed the child so a foster home cares for them until the parent is capable enough to care for the child. By DARCY! call 1800PHIL&DARCY. Other reasons children go into foster care i (MORE)

How much is Foster care pay in Ohio?

Most states pay foster parents far less than what middle-incomefamilies spend to raise their children. Average monthly pay forfoster care in Ohio is 275 dollars a month for ages 2 to 16.

Who is the patron saint of foster children?

There are no patron saints of foster children but there are severalpatron saints of orphans: Agnes of Rome Aurelius of Cordoba Dagobert II Drogo Francex Xavier Cabrini Ivo of Kermartin Jerome Emiliani Joseph Kateri Tekakwitha Mamas Pulcheria

What is the pay for foster parent in fl?

You don't get paid a salary, just expenses for the child and the rate changes depending on the child's age: (Daily rates) 0 - 5: $11.50, 5 - 12: $13.00, 13 + : $14.00

How do you say foster children in french?

Foster child is enfant accueilli. Foster children is enfants accueillis. See Le grand dictionnaire terminologique, In addition, consulting the Adoption Council of Canada's French Glossary, (MORE)

How much does foster care pay a month?

There are several variables. In some states the foster family is paid a per diem per child. This is meant to cover the expenses of the child (other than medical). The per diem rates vary based on the child's situation. Foster families that take special needs children often receive more. You need to (MORE)

Where do foster children stay when not adopted?

If none of these options are viable the plan for the minor may enter OPPLA (Other Planned Permanent Living Arrangement). This option allows the child to stay in custody of the state and the child can stay placed in a foster home, with a relative or an Independent Living Center or long term care faci (MORE)

How much percent does a parent have to pay for two children in the state of Texas?

Calculation of Resources for Child Support Purposes. The court shall calculate net resources for the purpose of determining child support liability as provided by this section. Resources include: . (1) 100 percent of all wage and salary income and other compensation for personal services (includin (MORE)

Do you get paid to homeschool foster children?

No, education is a requirement for all by law. If one chooses to homeschool their child, be they biological, adopted or foster, the parent/caretaker/guardian does NOT get paid but incurs all expenses required to provide the education of the children AND will be required to follow and obey their stat (MORE)

Can you keep your wife from talking to your children on the phone while divorce is in process and she has moved out of state?

Not unless the court has ordered her to have no contact with the children. But unless your wife is an unfit parent, there should be NO attempt to try to keep your children from their mother. To do so will hurt the children immensely, and will cause them to have resentment toward you for keeping them (MORE)

Do foster parents feed the children?

I feed mine. As a matter of fact, I also buy them clothes, take them to baseball practice and games, take them on vacation, etc. In my home, I treat foster children the same as my biological children in every way I can.

The effect of children in foster care?

it causes them to sometimes do drugs or seek for their mom and dad .Also they would anything to get out of their new foster homes.Sometimes it causes the children to follow in their parents foots steps and inherit the bad infueces

Do you have to pay Iowa State income tax on money earned while not a resident?

You will have to show the earnings on your Iowa state income tax return and you will have to file the IA 126 form. WHO MUST FILE IA 126 All nonresidents of Iowa with income from Iowa sources and all part-year residents must file this schedule. Iowa requires that all nonresidents and part-year reside (MORE)

Can you foster children if you take anti-depressants?

Fostering qualifications vary from country to country and in locations such as the US, can very based upon state and even county. In general, an individual taking an antidepressant would not necessarily, preclude an applicant from being considered for fostering. In the first instance, the applicant (MORE)

How are adopted children different from foster children?

adoptive parents is like a new mother and father is are adopted don't feel that your adoptive parents are taking over your birth parents.... foster carers get a lot of money to look after you but adoptive parents only get the money normal parents have e.g, child benefits hope this information helps (MORE)

Why do children enter foster care?

If the child's parent(s) are suspected of being unable to provide for the child's basic needs, or if the parent(s) are having trouble of their own that would cause the needs of the child to be unmet.

Who wanted factory owners to pay money to the state so the state could pay employees who were hurt while working?

Between 1850 and 1910 a great many states enacted Employer Liability Acts that became workman's comp as we know it today. While I do not know who originally came up with the idea, it bandied around Europe for a long time before Alabama and Georgia, the first two states to enact such laws in 1855, br (MORE)

How can you put your child in foster care will you have to pay?

Only a judge decides if there are reasons enough to put your child in foster care. Talk to a social worker. Foster care is not a miracle solution, it's just another family helping out if the child has serious problems or if the parent is unfit to take care of them. This is not a solution if your chi (MORE)

How much is pay for foster care in Tennessee?

It depends on the agency, which I have just found out are many. I've seen some start at 750 per month. It also depends on the child's needs. They give you more if the child is older, have mental or physical issues.

How much money does it pay to take care of foster children?

There are several variables. In some states the foster family is paid a per diem per child. This is meant to cover the expenses of the child (other than medical). The per diem rates vary based on the child's situation. Foster families that take special needs children often receive more. You need to (MORE)

Do you need to pay for adopting a foster dog?

It depends on the type of fostering that is going on. Some organizations will cover the licensing, vet bills, shots and medical necessities, while the foster family takes care of the food and shelter. If the dog is going to the family permanently, many shelters charge an adoption fee. This helps (MORE)

Do you have to pay for fostering a dog?

Depending on the agreement with the dog shelter. Most will pay for the animals food whilst its with you. The medical requirements are also handled by the centre concerned.

Do foster parent pay taxes?

Yes of course they do. They have to have an income since you don't get paid to foster, you just get money to cover the child's expenses. You still need a job.

Does a person have to pay state taxes on an annuity that was divided between the surviving children?

The inherited annuity is considered income in receipt of a deceased individual.If you receive an IRA as a beneficiary, it is income to you as it would have been income to the person you inherited it from. In a traditional annuity, an individual pays into a product a sum of money, usually to an insur (MORE)

Can you move out of state with a foster child?

No you can't. Afoster child has frequent visits with his family as required mystate policy. Actually, in my state, the child must first be placedas closed to his home area as possible. Check with your area stateagency..