Does the store dollar tree in chino sell pacifiers?

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Most "dollar" or deep discount stores sell baby goods, including pacifiers. Please thoroughly check all discounted products for quality and durability, though. Recent recalls have included various products that contain harmful chemicals. Read the packaging for the manufacturer's name and research the specific item on the Internet for news about recalls.
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How much does a store manager at the Dollar Tree stores make a year?

Answer . lol, not enough... That is unless you've been with the company for a while. A manager at one of my stores was making roughly 550 a week (before taxes) after 5 yrs of service........ Speaking as an actual store manager with Dollar Tree, and to update the above answer, here's my knowledge on this question... Example 1) You're brought into the company as a Store Manager (5+ years of retail STORE management experience is almost always required for this to happen).. You can expect to make anywhere between $32,000-$40,000 per year.. There may be some extreme cases where the figure might be under or maybe even over that ammount, but the average starting salary in this scenario would be $35,000 per year... Example 2) You are hired into the company as a Cashier/Stocker (with little retail experience and/or no management), work for the company for somewhere between 4 months and 2 years, and get promoted to Assistant Manager.. After about a year, an opening for a Store Manager position becomes available at a small store (does little business), and your District Manager and/or Store Manager decide to promote you and let you run the smaller store.. You're probably going to make about $25,000-$30,000 per year... The normal starting salary for an Assistant Manager to Store Manager promotion is right about $28,000... Example 3) You are hired as an Assistant Manager (w/ retail STORE manager experience).. You would be trained with hopes that within a year or so, you would be able to step up to the store manager position. When that happens (promotion to Store Manager), you would be given around $30,000-$35,000 per year.. The store manager experience will give you an extra boost in salary as compared to Example #2.. You'll probably be looking at about $32,500, somewhere in that range... Experience and work ethic have a lot to do with your salary.. For most (90+%) Dollar Tree store manager that has been working for the company more than 10 years is making over $40,000 a year... $50,000 is out of the question if that's what someone is hoping... All in all... the average store managers probably around $37,000 per year..

What are the Dollar Tree store hours?

Dollar Tree store hours may vary, but generally they are: Mon - Sat 8:00 or 9:00 am to 10:00 pm Sun 8:00 or 10:00 am to 10:00 pm For store hours of your nearest Dollar Tree, visit the Dollar Tree website:

Dollar Tree Stores Inc hours?

Hours: Mon - Sat: 9:00am - 9:00pm, Sun: 10:00am - 7:00pm Store hours may vary.

What is the ticker symbol for Dollar Tree Stores?

Stock Ticker DLTR . The ticker symbol for Dollar Tree Stores is DLTR and it is traded on the Nasdaq.

How can dollar tree afford to sell everything for a dollar. What is the catch behind their inventory?

The doallar tree has a speacial buy where they buy from the factory for cheaplikethey buy toys in like big prices they can't buy just one they buy big groups of things like let say they buy tooth paste 10 dollors a box ok and they buy 1 box for instance they get 100 bottles per box 10 cent a pice they sell it for a dollar and they make 0.90 cent a bottle that's how the dollar tree works It's all about buying in bulk, as the user above me said. They aren't buying those products for $1 a piece...they are likely buying them buy the CASE for maybe then they can sell each "item" at one dollar a piece. Some wager that they are using "low quality" items - but this is not always the case! Since Dollar Tree does at times stock Colgate toothpaste, Suave hair style gels, shampoo, etc....granted though, they do have a lot of products labeled as "Distributed by Greenbrier" - noted on the back/labeling - Greenbrier is their private brand, usually these items are Made in China or other low-cost countries, where the workers are paid minimal (to our comparison...but comparable in salaries in our society) to mass produce the products. Another thing to consider, most products sold in Dollar Tree Stores are of lesser quantity. They sell the "smaller" sizes of hair spray, hair gel, etc. And take for example, they sell Suave (a name brand) shampoo for instance, for 1.00, you can buy the same bottle at Walmart, for around 97cents. It's all about convenience though, you save money by shopping there for most things, cause you don't have to drive around town battling traffic, and other shoppers and prices. At a Dollar Tree, you are guaranteed everything 1.00 (or less).

What is the phone number of the Dollar Tree store in Mesa Arizona?

There are three Dollar Tree Stores in Mesa, Arizona. The number forthe store located at 1260 S Gilbert Road is (480) 503-2429. Thenumber for the store located at 2714 E University is (480)464-4600. The number for the store located at 1918 W 8th Street is(480) 962-1302.

How can you become an owner of a dollar tree store?

Dollar tree is a chain store they are all over the world. To becomean owner contact the corporate marketing of dollar tree and see howmush the start up is.

How can you sell something to a dollar store?

You would need to find the corporate offices and then get in contact with the buying department. Buyers will expect you have full product specs, quanitities and photos of your inventory.

What is the address for Dollar Tree Stores Inc corporate office?

The corporate address is : 500 Volvo Parkway N/A Chesapeake Va 23320 Phone Number : 757-321-5000 Toll free number 1-800-876-8697

What are the store hours for the Dollar Tree Stores Inc?

Hours: Mon - Sat: 9:00am - 9:00pm, Sun: 10:00am - 7:00pm Store hours may vary.

Are Dollar Tree Stores Inc closing?

Technically, yes, Dollar Tree stores are closing.. But read further if you'd like an explanation to why they are and why Dollar Tree is actually closing stores but opening more than they're closing.... Dollar Tree is a very large company (and growning very quickly recently).. Especially after purchasing the Deal$ chain from Save-a-lot 3 years ago.. The company has thousands of stores located in 48 states except for Hawaii and Alaska.. They are continuously closing down stores (due to high rent, bad area, low sales, theft, etc.).. In most cases though, if they close a store down, there is atleast 1 store nearby or they relocate the closed store to a better location in that same area... For anyone wanting an answer to this question because a Dollar Tree or Deal$ store near them and they are afraid that means the company is going out of business, you should have no worries.. With the economy in the shape it is, Dollar Tree stores are experiencing 15-25% increases compared to last years sales.. They are hoping to open around 1,000 stores just this year, so locations without Dollar Tree or Deals stores will soon see them popping up... The only other possibility is that if you're a customer that has a local Deal$ store (carries $1 product and products anywhere up to $5), you might be expecting the company to convert it to a Dollar Tree store format where everything is $1 or less.. Deal$ stores are experience on average a decrease of 10-25% compared to last years sales... You do the math, the $1 store (Dollar Tree) is bringing in the customers because of the economy and the Multi-Price store (Deal$) is drawing their customers away to Wal-Mart because they can get the same $2, $3, $5 items at WalMart for the same ammount or less than they can at Deal$..

What is pacifier?

A rubber 'nipple' for a baby to suck on, which sometimes soothes them to sleep.

What is the phone number to the dollar tree store in Coolidge Arizona?

(520) 723-8563 for future reference you can use google to look up telephone numbers just type the name into the google search

Does dollar tree sell baby sweatshirts?

No i dont think they sell sweaters but they do sell like baby bibs and shirts. Yes , Once in awhile they get them in .

How do you open a dollar tree store?

you get a job first and save up a lot of money and then you buy land bricks or wood and get some workers to build it for you and then buy shelfs and order the food and other stuff.

Does dollar tree sell iteams to make smores?

yes it does. you can buy chocolate which is next to the cash register. and there is usually marshmellows and grahm crackers there you just have to look for them or ask a worker.

What are the store hours for the Dollar Tree on Christmas?

The store hours will vary by location. For the most accurate results, please refer to the related link.

Is the dollar tree store international?

Dollar Tree is a US based company and beside US it had acquired 85 Dollar Giant stores in Canada. Dollarstore has stores in twelve countries beside US.

Dollar Tree list of vice presidents of dollar tree stores?

KEY EXECUTIVES - DOLLAR TREE INC (DLTR) . Name. Board Relationships. Title. Age. Bob Sasser. 12 Relationships. Chief Executive Officer, President and Director. 57. Macon F. Brock Jr.. 22 Relationships. Co-Founder and Chairman. 66. H. Ray Compton. 12 Relationships. Co-Founder, Director and Member of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee. 66. J. Douglas Perry. 19 Relationships. Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus. 61. Kevin S. Wampler. No Relationships. Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer. 46. Gary M. Philbin. No Relationships. Chief Operating Officer. 52. Allan Goldman. No Relationships. Senior Vice President of Deal$ Stores. --. David E. Hensley. No Relationships. Senior Vice President of Store Operations. --. Robert H. Rudman. 4 Relationships. Chief Merchandising Officer. 58. Stephen W. White. No Relationships. Chief Logistics Officer. 54. View More DLTR Key Executives. BOARD OF DIRECTORS - DOLLAR TREE INC (DLTR) . Name. Board Relationships. Primary Company. Age. Macon F. Brock Jr.. 22 Relationships. Dollar Tree, Inc.. 66. Bob Sasser. 12 Relationships. Dollar Tree, Inc.. 57. J. Douglas Perry. 19 Relationships. Dollar Tree, Inc.. 61. H. Ray Compton. 12 Relationships. Dollar Tree, Inc.. 66. Richard G. Lesser. 18 Relationships. Marshalls Of MA, Inc.. 74. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES* - DOLLAR TREE INC (DLTR) . Committee Name. Chairperson. Board Relationships. Members. Audit Committee. Thomas E. Whiddon. 35 Relationships. 2 Executives. Compensation Committee. Richard G. Lesser. 18 Relationships. 4 Executives.

Does the dollar tree sell silly bandz?

Yes but go to 5 below if it is near the have a larger selection

Do they sell silly bandz at the dollar store?

Yes they probably sell them at the dollar store just got down there and check it out. I know they now sell that at big lots for only 3 dollars (:

Why has music stopped in Dollar Tree Stores?

they stopped selling music in dollar tree because they thought why would we sell music for a dollar it's worth more

What is the name of a store that sells silk trees?

I think florists may have them, the silk flower store has them as well as the home and gardenn section of the mall.

Does dollar tree sell Christmas lights?

Yes They Sell A TEN set of Christmas Lights. They are battery powered not plug in lights. They also sell clip lights/socket cords candelabra base if you want to make something cool

How much do the dollar store sell pregnancy tests?

Dollar store pregnancy tests range from $1.39- 3.00, depending on whether you buy the two step test or the one step test.

Do they sell birthday candles at the Dollar Store?

Most "dollar" or similar discount stores sell birthday candles, cards, wrapping paper, and some decorations.

What is the phone number to the Dollar Tree store in Tampa Florida?

west hillsborough: 813 879 7062 temple terrace: 813 987 2332 dale mabry: 813 265 2529 hope this helped!

Does dollar store sell boondoggle?

Yes it does. I went there the other day. I came with about 8 skeins of different colours. It also comes with 2 keyrings and 8 hooks.

Does the Dollar Tree sell toilet paper holders?

Yes. The Dollar Tree does sell toilet paper holders along with all different kinds of household items. You can view most of their inventory on their website.

Does dollar stores sell gimp string?

yes they do sell gimp string at the dollar store because my friend told me.

Does dollar tree sell pokemon cards?

i went thier and i saw the small packs for 3.99 (extra) if you really wanna buy pokemon cards go to target. :)

Do the seeds at the store dollar tree grow?

I'd say no because the dollar tree sells such cheap stuff, it doesn't always function as normal as if you were to buy it from target or something. Then again, a seed is a seed.

What store sells silk trees?

Check out The Silk Flower Store. You could probably find some at the mall as well or at florists and home decor shops.

What are the store hours for dollar tree on Thanksgiving?

my guess would have to be...... 9 am to 4 pm so people could get supplies to get ready for their thanksgiving dinner.

What stores sell tree spade products?

A variety of stores sell tree spade products, including mass merchandisers like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or Menards. You may also be able to find these from your local greenhouse or plant nursery.

How long do you have to work for Dollar Tree before you can transfer Dollar Tree stores?

its usually 3 months with most companys but dollar tree could be 6months. i recently decided to try to transfer (can't seem to getany closer to home, i have some transportation issues with thestore im currently at) but i have been with this one store for ayear this month. so its either 3 or 6 months. the store manager oran assistant store manager should know this.

What is dollar tree stores inc. EIN?

The Employee Identification Number for Dollar Tree Stores Inc.'s Executive Offices is 26-2018846. I was not able to determine if the stores are franchises, which would mean that each store has a different EIN.

What dollar store sells go cams for 5 dollars?

you can try a local drugstore like for example walgreens goes for about seven dollars, which is just 2 dollars more than five, but so what. hope this helped you, oh and google where you can by go cams for 5 dollars, im sure you will find a place, good luck and god bless you

Do employees at dollar tree and deals stores get Christmas bonuses?

i will let you know i have been working there for a year and 4 months last year i did not recieve one i just thought cuz i had only worked 4 months into the year so i have worked this whole year and in the 52 weeks of the year i have gotten cashier of the week 32 times . i sell the most on ur drive items and i stock the most items then any other cashier. i did get a raise it wasnt the greatest but at least it was something . employees only receive a raise once a year in oct . so to be cont .. it is an okay place to work for i just need more hours then 25 a week , in this economy i have tried to find another job and just nobody is hiring or im a day late they just hired someone else

How much money does a dollar tree store make In a year?

The store I work at made almost $2m last year! That's a lot of dollar items...

Which stores sell Willow Tree figurines?

Willow Tree Figurines are carved figurines that are used to highlight special moments in your life. Willow Tree Figurines have no facial features- allowing you to envision your own expression. Willow Tree Figurines are sold at most card retail outlets such as Hallmark as well as many religious stores.

What are two stores that sell Willow Tree Angels?

Hallmark stores sell Willow Tree Angels, as does Rock Creek Gifts. Many department stores also sell these popular figurines, as does online sites like Amazon.

Where can one find local listings for Dollar Tree stores?

If someone is looking for local listings for Dollar Tree stores then it is worth going to the Dollar Tree website and seeing what the store locator gives as the local store. This will then also give information on what the latest offers are locally.

Where can one find locations of Dollar Tree stores?

Dollar Tree stores are located in a range of locations. For example, there are many Dollar Tree stores located in the Birmingham, Alabama area of the US.

What stores sell black Christmas trees?

Stores that sell black Christmas trees include Target and Treetopia. Other stores include Home Depot, Sears, AmericanSale, Amazon, and Christmas Tree Market.

What stores would sell Christmas trees?

Christmas trees are available in the winter season at various retailers. The most popular stores that sell Christmas trees are Target, Toys "R" Us and Walmart.

How can one sell Dollar Store items for a profit?

The main way that Dollar Store items can be sold for a profit is by purchasing them from a wholeseller as cheap as possable. Also the overheads for the store itself should be as small as they can be, for example have a low number of staff and ensuring the rent and other costs are small.

What store online sells Artificial Christmas trees?

Artificial Christmas trees can be found in most homwares and department stores as well as larger supermarkets such as Tesco, John Lewis, Debenhams and Matalan. They can be purchased in a range of designs and colours.

Do dollar stores sell formula and diapers?

Not that I have ever seen. Maybe stores like "Dollar General" ,i.e. stores that sell thing cheap, but not just for a dollar.Formula and diapers are just too expensive to start out with to endup on a true "dollar store" shelf.

How can Dollar Tree sell things for a dollar?

They buy very large quantities of things for very little money. If it costs 99 cents to acquire, transport and sell an item (for $1)- and if they sell a million of that item- they just made a profit of $10,000.