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Does the type of soil in which the seed is planted affect seed germination?

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Does seed germination affect plant growth?

Germination Does Affect plant growth   Without germination in the plant, the plant is not able to grow. The germination is the begining of life for the seed plant   ho

How does pH affect seed germination plants?

Yes, pH can affect the seed germination of plants. It may cause  issues with the seeds pickling if the pH of the soil is not right,  despite light being the biggest factor i

Will manipulating the seed affect its germination?

You can scrape off some of the hard shell of the seed to help itgerminate - this is called scarification. You can also soak theseeds for a few days to speed things up.

What is a germinated plant seed?

  Very simply, once a plant has flowered and the flower has been pollinated, it develops one or more seeds which contain a miniature new plant surrounded by a store of foo

Is soil necessary for seed germination?

  No Most seeds will germinate in water. The best way to test seeds for germination is to place the seeds between two layers of wet paper towel and put them in a plastic s

Does presoaking seeds affect germination and growth of plants?

Yes, But I have dusted the seeds with guano-gro prior to planting and have gotten seeds that would normally germinate in 7-10 days to germinate in the ground in less than 30 h

Does acidic soil affect germination of seeds?

Yes. If the soil is too acidic it can kill the seed. It depends on the type of seed and where it was originally meant to grow. Some plants like alkaline soil and some like bas
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What happens when a plant seed is germinated?

When a plant seed is germinated it is then able to grow. Before it is germinated it is considered sterile and cannot grow. If one plants a germinated seed in the proper soil a