Does the water in the loft water tank reach the drinking taps or is it only for heating?

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That water is used in the cold taps in your bathroom and for the heated water you use. Don't drink from these taps.
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Does drinking tap water make you bald?

Answer . There is no proof that drinking tap water makes you bald. It's genetics. Some women going through menopause can lose hair near the crown to their forehead. Men often have "male pattern baldness." Take a look at your family and you'll know what I mean by genetics.. Answer: . Drinking (MORE)

How does lake water reach taps?

Basically, an extraction point in the lake feeds water into supplypipes. These take the water to a treatment plant where it is madesafe for drinking. Further pipes distribute water to communitieswhere water mains, often under the road, then split up to supplyeach building. Depending on the lie of th (MORE)

How can you in increase water pressure to loft tank?

Answer . The only way to increase water pressure is with a booster pump. I would recommend talking to a plumber, he can give you an estimate and possibly some pointers. Also, home improvement shops tend to have poor pump selection so be sure to shop around from catalogs and the internet before (MORE)

Is tap water bad for you to drink?

Answer . Tap water contains chlorine and fluoride, neither one of these chemicals have been proven to be safe for human consumption. Particularly chloride which is an antimicrobial and may harm human tissues. There have been some studies that suggest that the exposure of pesticides, plastic bottle (MORE)

Is the tap water safe to drink in Italy?

Yes, in most cities. Water treatment in the majority of Europe is as safe or safer than in the US. Typically, it is not done; Europeans usually prefer bottled water or mineral water over tap water. If you find yourself in more rural areas, it should still be safe, but if you are concerned, the bottl (MORE)

Is drinking tap water ok?

\nIt is bad to drink tap water because there are lots of chemicals in side it but most people who do drink it there bodies are used to it so it will not harm them to much or any one else

Can baby chickens drink tap water?

Yes It is not necessary to give them bottled/treated water unless your tap water is unfit for consumption. The small amounts of chlorine in city water is not going to harm them.

Should you drink hot water from the tap?

Most people believe that you should never drink or cook with hot water from your faucet. The hot water is more likely to have a higher lead content.. Instant hot water machines that are installed under you kitchen sink are designed for drinking. Water heaters installed in your house are not.

It is safe to drink tap water in Japan?

Yes, it is basically safe to drink. Tap water in Japan is treated with ozon or chloride. Amounts of chemicals used in treatement vary according to the quality of the water sources. \nTap water in mountainous areas (ex. Nagano pref) where small amount of chemical is needed, is particularly famed for (MORE)

Does water expand in a tank that is heated?

For the most part, liquid water expands when heated, and so does pretty much every material. Water's volumetric expansion is a few hundred parts per million per degree Celsius. The interesting thing about water, though, is that if it's below 4°C it expands as it gets colder, i.e. it has a nega (MORE)

What is better to drink bottled water or tap water?

It depends really, some bottled water is just a more pure tap. Some include vitamins that may not be found in tap water. Honestly, one should just buy a water purifier that can be mounted to ones sink. The filter will clean about as much gunk out of the water as their industrial filters, also it is (MORE)

What should you do with tap water before drinking it?

Very little needs to be done to tap water originating in the developed world. In the United States, for instance, the quality and cleanliness regulations that must be met are actually often much more rigid for the water that comes out of your tap than you would find in a bottle at a store.

Is drinking tap water safe?

in my personnel opinion there is really nothing safer in this world then tap in America. iv been drinking tap my whole life.

How do you treat tap water to make better drinking water?

Install a reverse osmosis filtration system to improve water quality. (usually costs about $300-400 installed) This reduces or eliminates most contaminants that cause water to taste bad. Sometimes you have to have other filtration items installed as well, depending on your personal water supply. (MORE)

Is it safe to drink tap water why?

Only if your tap water is filtered by the Epa. They run the rules for filtering tap water while bottled water is run by the food and rug administration. Only 3% of the water u find in bottle water has to be spring water the rest is...tap water. Either way your drinking tap water. There are differe (MORE)

Do ladybugs drink bottle or tap water?

bottle and tap water aren't natural and lady bugs don't drink un natural water is not what they were born up with but if ou have rainwater from at tank thant would be better........but out bottled and tap i would get tap and boil it so it is prer ....let it cool then use it for the ladybug

Is it safe to drink tap water in Taiwan?

The tap water in Taipei, Taiwan is safe to drink. The Taipei Water Department conducts regular tests of water from purification plants and from consumers' premises, and has found water from 99.95% of sources to be safe for drinking (Taipei Water Department, 2012). Independent tests conducted by Cons (MORE)

Is warm tap water safe to drink?

It's the same water from the same source, regardless of whether it is cold or hot. If the water is properly treated and filtered then it is safe. If it is not treated correctly, it is not safe.

Can guinea pigs drink tap water?

Yes! Where else do you get your water from? Maybe a bottle.. but theres no need, Tap water is Absolutely Fine. I've been giving it to mine every week for three years and they arent dead yet so im sure its fine(: Haha. Good luck :P

What is tap water specific heat capacity?

Looking for the same thing i can only hazard a guess that it will be close to that of pure water and it would vary from region to region. The specific heat capacity of water is 4.18 J/(g x °C).

Can you drink tap water in Venezuela?

You can, but you must first wait a full seven days so your body can adjust to the heat. Otherwise, the violent reaction of Venezuelan water and unadapted bodily systems will result in mild diarrhea.

Can bearded dragons drink tap water?

Well i heard they can and that they cant. I know i give my anole and long tailed lizard purified water. If you want to know what i use to dechlorinate my water? A cuisinart clean water cooler/ heater. I use a generic CVS brand spray bottle and fill half up with the hot water, and room temp water. Yo (MORE)

Can you drink from tap water?

That depends on the purity of the water in the country or area your in, the tap water in the UK is safe to drink, Spain has a high mineral content and can upset your stomach, in other countries the water needs to be boiled to kill dangerous bacteria that could make you ill.

Can you drink from tap water in US?

YES you can depending on where you are you might have well water which tastes like iron you can drink it if you like it most people don't like the taste of it but it's actually good for matter where you are in the us you can drink the water! Enjoy

What are the benefits of drinking tap water?

It's almost 100% not infacted with anything. No toxins, microbes or pollutans. it also doesn't contain as much substances, giving it taste and odor. And the beggest advantage is, that you can drink it from a bottle, which means, that we throw about 40 million plastic bottles in the trash per day.

Can you drink water from the tap in France?

Yes. French tap water, like almost ALL tap water in western countries, is completely safe to drink in most cases, it is rare in almost any western country to be unable to drink tap water..

Is it safer to drink botteled water than tap water?

That, of course, depends on which bottles water and which tap water. . In general, tap water is held to higher regulatory standards than bottled water so the answer is usually no. Most bottled water is not fortified with fluoride so drinking it rate than tap water can be detrimental to your teeth. (MORE)

Is bottle water safer to drink than tap water?

In theory, yes, bottled water is said to be safer to drink than tap water. Bottled water has been specifically purified so that it is safe for all to consume. In some parts of the world, tap water is not safe to drink as it may be contaminated.

Is the tap water safe to drink in China?

It depends on where you are. In major cities like Beijing or Shanghai, which are very modern and industrialized, the major hotels and businesses have safe drinking water, as do most of the homes of the middle and upper class. The problem is out in the rural areas, or where poor people live. In such (MORE)