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This would happen if you are your NORMAL RETIREMENT AGE (NRA) or FULL RETIREMENT AGE (FRA). You can go to the SSA.gov website SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS ONLINE and use the search box for What are the benefit amounts a spouse may be entitled to receive?
A spouse receives one-half of the retired worker's full benefit unless the spouse begins collecting benefits before full retirement age. In that case, the amount of the spouse's benefit is reduced by a percentage based on the number of months before he/she reaches full retirement age.
For example, based on the full retirement age of 66, if a spouse begins collecting benefits:
* At 65, the benefit amount would be about 46 percent of the retired worker's full benefit;
* At age 64, it would be about 42 percent;
* At age 63, 37.5 percent; and
* At age 62, 35 percent.
However, if a spouse is taking care of a child who is either under age 16 or disabled and receiving Social Security benefits, a spouse gets full (one-half) benefits, regardless of age.
If you are eligible for both your own retirement benefit and for benefits as a spouse, we always pay your own benefit first. If your benefit as a spouse is higher than your retirement benefit, you'll receive a combination of benefits equaling the higher spouse's benefit.
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