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Does there exist any way to make the command line arguments available to other functions without passing them as arguments to the function?

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You can copy them into global variables in the main() function, then have your other functions access those global variables. Global variables should generally be avoided, however.
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How can you pass a function name as argument of another function?

Answer     Let me correct the Q. Strictly speaking, You never pass a function name to another function, you actually pass function address as argument to another fu

How can you pass variable arguments to a function in c?

  ## posted BY Pulkit   ok. so to declare variable argements in arguments   use this:   ret_type function_name( . . .);   using these three dots will tell comp

The address of an array can be passed as an argument to a function?

Yes, it can. It allows to save a lot of memory because you do need to copy all data, you just use the direct address. You can do in at least two ways. One way is to use pointe

What is a argument of function?

If you are talking about F(x)=something then the argument is whatever value is inside the F() or F of whatever, be it x,y,5,or anything else. Example F(x+1) =x^2 or F of x+1

How do you pass address as an argument to a function?

You can pass the address by using '&' with the pointer variable, while passing actual arguments. In formal arguments '*' is used in the place of '&'. To pass the address of a

When you pass an array as an argument to a function what actually gets passed?

In C, all array names will implicitly convert to a memory address  at the slightest provocation. Thus when we pass an array name to a  function, the value we actually pass i

Does there exist any way to make the command line argument available to other function without passing them as arrguments to function?

The only way this can be achieved is by storing the command line  arguments in global variables. However, this is not recommended.  Global variables should only be used to r

How are arguments passed to a function?

Arguments are passed to functions via the thread's function call  stack. Every thread has its own call stack, which is a small region  of contiguous, fixed-size memory that