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Does this boy in my class like me i really like him and we have a laugh but there is this other girl who go's home with him. i am really good at singing. he is the best boy. she likes to think she is?

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snatch him away!!! one day i called this boy i liked turned on the radio and the first song i heard i sang to the boy ...... we fell in love and now have a daughter (ellie) and a son (bobby) we love them so much and if it wasnt for that phone call i would have never been blessed with my amazing family
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You really like this boy in your class what should you do?

First take it slow, get to know the boy. Ask him is favorite movie, color, shape, TV program, and other things too! (If you don't want to seem pushy and greedy, just take a no

If you are a middle school girl and you really like a boy in your class how do you show him you like him?

You hint to him that you like him by brush up on him as if by accident or you can make constant eye contact with him or you can come clean and ask him if he likes you but try

If you are a middle school girl and you really like a boy in your class but you are overweight and not that pretty and he is really nice and funny and a LOT of other girls like him what should you do?

First thing to do is not make your weight an issue. If you are not confident in yourself then no one else will be. Be happy with you then you can worry about him. You should t

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but really like this other boy?

If this boy is worth risking your relationship then take the risk and break it off if not make your relationship work better than the one with this boy would!!!! Or cheat to
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Do girls like boys who can sing good?

That depends actually! However, majority, most girls would love boys that sing... WELL. haha. Just not sing, but sing well. That's not all we look for though. You don't have

How do you get the boy you really like and you think he likes you but won't show it?

Well i have the same problem. But 1st do he know you like him. 2nd Tell him how much. 3rd Ask do he feel the same way. Then just let things play out flirt with him. When you h

How does a boy know when a girl really likes him?

I know this is a lot but read through; it took me a long time to write it. Be bold and initiate a short chat. This will help you to learn those little things that will come