Does tobacco show up on a drug test?

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Relax. They will be testing for illegal drugs. Tobacco is still legal.

Whatever you say, but my workplace has a no-nicotine policy, and does random drug testing for nicotine -- and if you test positive you're fired. Yes, this is in the USA. People say they'd quit, but none of them can point me to a place where other jobs are available, so, *shrug*.

After you smoke a cigarette it is detectable on a average of 10 days but can be detected even after 14 days
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Can different tobacco types show up on drug test?

no why would tobacco show up in the first place all it has is chemicals no drugs unless you count nicotine but that isn't illegal so why would it show up on a drug test but y

Can tobacco be picked up in a drug test?

I'll assume the fact that you're even worried about tobacco is that you're underage, so you probably don't know better but no, why would they? It's not illegal. No home or la
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What can show up on an drug test?

Drug tests are not all the same, but generally they will detect: . stimulants - both legal and illegal, including cocaine, crystalmeth, and MPH . depressants - including su