Does wizard 101 give you viruses?

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My computer got a virus a few days after downloading Wizard 101, but I don't know if it's the source of the virus. My dad, however, works with computers, and asked around at his work if their children had downloaded the software. Some of them did, and also happened to get serious viruses such as Trojans, which were taken off of their computers soon after they got them. But, now that the website has made so many changes,i still play it because its cool and fun
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Does wizard 101 give viruses?

Anything that you download from the Internet and install on your computer can give you viruses/spyware. Often games aren't packaged with spyware, but can be affiliated with it

Does wizard 101 give a virus?

Not in my case.. For example, I've been playing Wizard101 in the same computer for about 4 years now, and my computer has always been free of malware/worms. However, things li
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What bosses give pets on wizards 101?

All the bosses in the Pagoda Dungeon drops pets. Kill the monsters in Celestia you have a chance to get a free storm starfish pet.
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How do you give gifs to your firnds on wizard 101?

You can only gift Crown Shop items. Go to the item in the Crown Shop that you want to give. Near the "Buy" button, find a picture of a gift box. Click it. Choose the
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How do you give items to your other wizard on wizard 101?

First of all, they have to be on the same account. If they aren't, you can't. Go to your bank in your home or dorm. Click shared bank. Place whatever you want to give