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Does yamapi have siblings?

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yes he has one younger sister called yamashita rina
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Does yamapi have a girlfriend?

i don't think he has a girlfirend now. but he was rumored to be keiko kitagawa's boyfriend because of "purikura" pictures scandal! and also rumored with aibu saki. but that's

Can a sibling get custody of another sibling?

In some circumstances, yes. NOTE: Always contact an attorney in your local area to confirm the Laws in your State and jurisdiction and to obtain legal advice.

What are siblings?

Siblings are two or more children who have at least one common  biological or legal (adoptive) parent.

Why do you have siblings?

The reason you have siblings is because your parents wanted another baby and becuase they want a bigger family. Also siblings are to play and have fun with.

Where does yamapi live?

He lives in japan Tokyo with his mum naomi and sister rina but is currently looking for his own place

What is a sibling?

A sibling is another word for a brother or sister (not gender  specific). If someone asks you "Do you have siblings?" it means  they are asking you if you have brothers or s

What is a siblings?

  no its sibling........but.......siblings are brothers and sisters     hope i helped     ur friend     taylor<3<3<3<3<3