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Does your social security payment increase if you keep working?

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YES the monthly amount that you would receive will increase each year by a certain percentage amount until age 70 if you continue working and receiving earned income.
You can find more information about this by going to the SSA.gov website and use the search box for WHEN TO START RECEIVING BENEFITS


At Social Security, we're often asked, "What is the best age to start receiving retirement benefits?" The answer is that there is no one "best age" for everyone and, ultimately, it is your choice. You should make an informed decision about when to apply for benefits based on your individual and family circumstances. We hope the following information will help you understand how Social Security can fit into your retirement decision.
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If you are receiving Social Security Disability payments can you work part time?

Yes, if you're disabled but able to engage in part-time work, SSDI allows earnings of up to $1,000 per month (2010) for most disabilities, or $1,640 per month for the blind un

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Can your Social Security payments be garnished?

No, all SS benefits are exempt from creditor garnishment. They are not exempt from garnishment by the IRS for tax arrearages and in some instances state tax arrearages. Gener

How long can you receive Social Security payments?

Retirement Benefits Once you qualify for Social Security retirement benefits, you will receive compensation until you die unless you're younger than SSA's full retirement age

Do Social Security payments increase in different states?

No. Social Security retirement and disability payments are determined primarily by your earnings record, the number of work credits you've accumulated, and the age at which yo

Are taxes withheld from social security payments?

Taxes are withheld only upon request. Contact the Social Security Administration if you want taxes withheld. Remember that withholding has nothing to do with whether you nee

How does working more years increase social security?

When a persons work they are productive and as a result of this increase the amount of cash that finds its way into the hands of the Government. Not to mention that a number o

Who do you call if your social security payment is not what it is supposed to be?

You should contact the social security administration for some assistance with this matter. The below contact information come from the SSA gov website SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFIT

How are Social Security Disability payments different from Social Security payments?

  Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is financed with Social Security taxes paid by workers, employers, and self-employed persons. To be eligible for a Social Sec

Can you stop your Social Security payments if you go back to work?

Yes, you can, but if you took early retirement you will have to pay back all the benefits you received before the Social Security Administration will starting counting earned

Are social security disability payments taxable?

The general rule of thumb is no, SSDI or SSI are not taxable provided they are the only source of income for an individual or family, however if an individual or family receiv

What was the increase in Social Security payments in 2009 according to the Cost of Living adjustment for that year?

The Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for Social Security, based on  the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage  Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W)