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Y would u want me to download a horse music
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How can you download music?

If on your iPod you can download something on your computer called iTunes, then you download it on your iPod/Mp3. Also when you have an iPod touch there should be an app that

Where can you download music?

For any phone with a USB and a computer without a USB here is a tip: go on to youtue converter and load up youtube aswell! if you want a song to download for your phone o

Where can you download music from?

Warning: while P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are copyrighted. Unless you live in Canada where citizens are shielded fro

How do you download music?

How to download music: First you will need to go on searchmp3.modi then you will need to type the name of your song you want todownload after that scoll down and you will s

How do i download music?

Many persons remmend me to use software like limewire, frostwire, mediafire to download free music. But i found that there was a program called streaming audio capture whic

What is music downloading?

Music downloading is reading sound wave files off the internet and sending them to your computer. If you listen to them on the internet you are already downloading them but yo

Where you can download a music?

download frostwire best music downloader thing and its all free :) (its the same as limewire but it doesnt have viruses like limewire does)

How can download music?

Well u can either buy it on iTunes on the iPod and it will start downloading or you can get on ur computer by going to YouTube search the song u want and go to the first thing

How you can download music?

You can convert youtube videos into mp3's ( all you need is a youtube URL. Just copy and paste the URL into the space, the download option will appear (downloa

How do you download musics?

You can go to the website limewire and download the basic program. The songs and the downloads are for FREE. I use this program a lot and after use, I delete or uninstall it.
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Where can you download this music?

I have to admit that I'm puzzled by what you refer to by this music. But if you wanna download music from the Internet, I'd like to suggest a program called MP3 Free DOwnloade
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What you can download music on to?

Your computer, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, Smart phone, CD, DVD, Cassette tape, Flash drive, Zip Drive, stand alone hard drive, etc.

How do you download music can you download it to phone?

Most smart phones have a USB jack, which lets you load them just like an old mp3 player User Leemsoft Total Music Downloader, it can help you download musics from various pop