During interphase what do the chromosomes look like?

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chromosomey. i think that is its scientific name.
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What do chromosomes look like during interphase?

During the early stage of interphase, chromatin is looselydispersed throughout the nucleus. Later on, when the chromatinstarts replicating, it becomes condensed so that the ch

Chromosomes during interphase?

Chromosomes during interphase only have one chromatin Found this answer while doing a crossword for my bio 101 class, it fits in the space - if that helps your confidence i

Why is it difficult to observe chromosomes during interphase?

In interphase, the DNA has just replicated and exists as loosely coiled chromatins. They have not yet condensed enough to be the form of a chromosome. In the next stage, pro

In what form are the chromosomes during interphase?

Interphase has 3 stages: G1, S, G2. The chromosomes are single-stranded in G1, replicate (double-stranded) in S, and prepares for mitosis (still double-stranded) in G2. So th
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Why do the chromosomes double during interphase?

Chromosomes need to double so that when the cell divides during mitosis/meiosis the daughter cells are left with the correct number of chromosomes. For mitosis, a copy of t