Dutch football manager who resigned 2008?

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Marco Van Basten Res. 2008
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Can you use fictional players in football manager 2008?

Yes! Go to My Computer, open the C drive, then Program files, Sports Interactive, and Football Manager. Open the Data Editor, load a database and create fictional players and teams. I recommend you Save As a new database, rather than overwriting the existing database. Note: the Data Editor does not (MORE)

Who is the greatest football manager?

Answer 17th November 2009 There have been many great football managers through the years. Miguel Munoz, Arrigo Sacchi, Luiz Fellipe Scolari, Guus Hiddink, Brian Clough and many, many, many more. However, it is hard to say who is the greatest. Arsene Wenger has done amazing things at Arsenal (MORE)

Who was the last football manager to lead Kerry to All-Ireland glory then resigned?

Pat O Shea was the manager of the football in 2007, he won the all ireland, then he resigned because of his position as Games manager of Munster GAA.. No, Pat O'Shea is still the Kerry manager. He didn't resign after beating Cork 3-13 to 1-9 (22 points to 12). Jack O'Connor was manager in 2006, bea (MORE)

Who are the best team in football manager?

man utd- my team: plese note that i worked on this team for 2 seasons ben foster(gk) srna(dr)12m-20m evra(dl) Ferdinand(dc) vidic(dc) valencia(mr) ribery(ml)30m-50m ronaldhinio(mc)10m-20m Anderson(mc) Rooney(fc) demba ba(fc)10m-20m just 2 seasons? ive beeen with porto 15 s (MORE)

Who will be first premiership manager to be sacked or resign this season?

Hopefully,Blackburns Paul Ince, I realy want him to fail, just for the fact that (by the way I am not racist, two of my closest friends and my brother in-law are black) he has been complaining for a few years about there being no black managers in the top flight. If there was only black managers and (MORE)

Qualifications for football manager?

When you reach 16 start taking the fa coaching courses,which can be found on the fa website on the get into football sectionthen on the coaches sectionm, a number of them must be taken and the must for anyone wishing to be a premiership manager is the UEFA pro license

What is a football manager?

A football manager is the person in charge of running a soccer club. They buy and sell players, scout, make the lineup, and so on.

Best football manager in the world?

\nProbably Brian Clough, who is the subject of the critically acclaimed film "The Damned United".\n. \nBrian Clough was notable for his extreme levels of arrogance, although it did seem as though he was perfectly entitled to be as arrogant as he was, for his management skills did justify it somewha (MORE)

Who are the football premiership managers?

As of 09-10 season!!. Arsenal - Arsene Wenger. Aston Villa - Martin O'neil. Birmingham City - Alex McCleash. Burnley - Owen Coyle. Blackburn Rovers - Sam Alerdyce. Liverpool - Rafael Benitez. Manchester United - Alex Ferguson. Manchester City - Mark Hughs. West Ham United - Gianfranco Zola. (MORE)

Why do football managers have their initials on their kit?

Most clubs have some sort of system that helps the kitman keep the laundry sorted. If you ever see pics of players in training they all have a 'kit number' - not always the same as their squad number [which appears on the back of their shirt]. For technical staff [manager, coaches, physios, etc] mo (MORE)

Why was dutch football so good in the 70s?

Because the coaches developed the idea of total football where-by players could play well in almost every position and thus move fluidly around the pitch working together well.

Who is the manager of brazil football team?

Mano Menezes is the current manager of the Brazilian Men's Football Team. He has managed the team since July 24th, 2010 replacing the World Cup winning Dunga. *As of August 29th, 2012

What are theRole and responsibility of a football manager?

the football manager needs to perform some of the functions typically attributed in the management literature to his business counterpart. According to Mintzberg in The Nature of Managerial Work (1973), there are three broad managerial functions: interpersonal relations, information processing and d (MORE)

How can you become a football manager?

Most of them were former players , now retired you must then pass a manageri exam to qualify to be one. But some times you get players who are playing managers.

Do real football managers use the game football manager?

probably not because they probably have something better to do than play video games ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't know if any managers do but some clubs use the database for scouting: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles (MORE)

Who is the manager of the Italy football team?

Marcello Lippi . Birthplace: Viareggio, Italy . Previous Clubs: Sampdoria (youth team); Pontedera; Siena; Pistoiese; Carrarese; Cesena; Lucchese; Atalanta; Napoli; Juventus; Internazionale; Juventus; Italy . Honors: Italian League Championship: 1995, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003; Coppa Italia: 19 (MORE)

How do you get the football manager 2010 editor?

If you have installed the game using Steam its: Computer>Program Files>Steam>Steam Apps>Common>Football Manager 2010>Tools>Editor. Otherwise its pretty much the same but rather than going through the steam folder in program files, its just the football manager 2010 folder: Computer>Program Files> (MORE)

Who is the manager of Netherlands football team?

The current coach of the dutch national football team is Bert van Marwijk. He succeded Marco van Basten as headcoach after the EURO 2008 tournament. Van Marwijk left his job as coach of Feyenoord with whom he had won the 2008 KNVB Cup after having previously coached Borussia Dortmund from 2004-2006. (MORE)

Why do the Dutch football players wear orange?

The Netherlands' national football team is famous for wearing a bright orange jersey when playing home. This is because orange is the historic national color of the Dutch, originating from the coat-of-arms of the Netherlands' founding father, William of Orange-Nassau. The red band on their national (MORE)

Who decides a manager of a football club?

The final decision is made by a BOARD or chairPERSON of the board. Usually panels are selected to find a group of candidates but the final decision rests with the PERSON at the top.

Who is the manager of Barcelona football club?

Gerardo 'Tata' Martino. Martino was appointed the new manager of Barcelona on July of 2013 after former manager Tito Vilanova had to step down do to a relapse with throat cancer. Martino, although not known in Europe, is a very well known and respected coach in South America, known for his style of (MORE)

How much do football managers get paid?

A manager salary is paid due to the club he manages improve. Some managers earn more than some players. Like the current manager of England is the richest manager i have ever know and heard of. He is even richer than some the players he manages. So when you are talking talking of football managers s (MORE)

Where is the manager allowed on a football pitch?

The manager is only allowed on the bench(and in the bench area) and in the technical area during play or invited onto the pitch by the referee in exceptional circumstances (like if there is a fight or somthin)