Ek aisi cheez ka naam batao Jo sukhi ho to 2 kg gili ho to 1 kg or jal ne ke bad 3 kg answer?

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What is 2 kgs?

4.4 lbs. The actual conversion of 1 kilogram is equal to 2.204622622 pounds. For everyday use, rounding to 2.2 should be enough. One pound is 0.45359237 kilogram, or 0.45 kg f (MORE)

Ek aisi jagha ka naam batao jis ko ek admi ne banaya hai magar wo udhar gya nahe hai?

Woh badshah jis ne duniya mai jannat banai thi per woh wahan gaya nahi ausne bohat hi shandaar jannat banai thi per ALLAH ko manzoor nahi tha k woh apni hi dunyawi jannat dekh (MORE)
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Is 2 lb equal to 1 kg?

1 kg is equal to about 2.2 lbs. 1 lb is about 454 grams or .454 kg.
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How many cc in 1 Kg Kg?

1 cc is equal to 1 ml and also equal to 1 Gr. So, 1 Kg is equal 1000 Gr and or 1000 cc. mqyasir
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What is 3 fifths of 2 kg?

3/5 of 2 kilogram is 2/5x3 which is 1,2kg (1 fifth is 0,4)
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Is 2 kg equal to 1 lb?

On Earth only, 2 kg of mass weighs 4.41 lb.It has different weights in other places.
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