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all travel at the same speed, speed of light in a vacuum, 2.998x10^8 m/s
they all have magnetic and electrical fiels perpendicular to one another along the propagation of the wave
they all are transverse and so can be polarised
they are all progressive waves and so can transfer energy
they can all be reflected, refracted and diffracted
and finally they all obey velocity=wavelength x frequency
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What is the electromagnetic spectrum?

The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is the entire range offrequencies that electromagnetic radiation can have. The EMspectrum is divided into sections based on the commoncharact

What is a Electromagnetic spectrum?

The combination of different colours due to the dispersion of sun light is called spectrum. This type of spectrum is called continues or line spectrum.

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Gamma Rays are very deadly and their uses are limited. They are  used for gamma spectroscopy.    X-rays are used for detection of composition of various substances  a