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Element used in match heads rubber tires and insecticides?

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What element is found in head of safety matches?

  The match head contains sulpur and an oxidising agent and they have to be struck against a special surface to make the flame. The special surface contains sand, red phos

Why does a bicycle use rubber for its tires?

because it grips on the road and tyres need that, also it doesnt heat up and burn as easily, plus it is flexible and air and water tight

Which elements in the match head burn when the match is lit?

For strike anywhere matches, a combination of sulfur, phosphorus sesquisulfide and potassium chlorate.
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Why rubber is used to make car tires?

Rubber is used to make the tyers of car because rubber provides more grip or we can get more and more grip using rubber and wile diving car we nedd very good grip.

What elements is used to harden rubber?

Hi there :D Rubber is a hydrocarbon therefore hydrogen and carbon. Also some rubber is hardened. This is called vulcinisation and it uses sulphur. If you would like a free lec