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Element used in match heads rubber tires and insecticides?

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What can you use to paint a rubber tire?

Regular paint is not a good option for tires as they do not stick very well to one another. Carbon black is added to make a tire black and I have found that ink will "stain" t

Used in match heads rubber tires and insecticides?

  I think it is sulfur... not sure though. you should check. that's just what I am guessing since it is very flammable, and could be used to kill insects if certain subs

Who invented the rubber used in a rubber tire?

goodrich Charles Goodyear invented the process for making rubber that he named vulcanization. Goodrich then made the rubber last longer by adding carbon. Goodrich also invent

What elements is used to harden rubber?

Hi there :D Rubber is a hydrocarbon therefore hydrogen and carbon. Also some rubber is hardened. This is called vulcinisation and it uses sulphur. If you would like a free lec