Engine doesn't idle back at a stop until transmission is shifted into neutral?

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Check the egr valve.
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My 2002 Dodge Neon has rough idle 500 RPM after stopping at red light when I turn the steering wheel or shift to neutral the RPM goes back to normal any suggestions?

Same problem here Hey, my 2002 Neon just started doing that EXACT same thing. The initial diagnosis from the dealership is that it's a transmission problem. Doesn't really ma

What is wrong with a 1997 SC2 that starts and idles OK until the transmission is in gear and the car is moving then the engine speeds up until the car stops moving and the transmission is in neutral?

Answer . If the transmission is in neutral and the engine is racing would indicate that your throttle body cable is binding somewhere. Check the assembly, check by the gas

Why does the engine make a noise the transmission doesn't shift and temperature go up when accelerating?

ANSWER . Don't keep driving it like that you will damage your engine by going over the proper rpm. I know something that could cause that to happen you must check your trans

What is causing a 1986 4x4 Diesel Suburban to lose power as if in neutral until brought to a stop and driven in 4WLow for a while then shifted back to 2W or 4WHigh?

well im not an expert but it sounds like the hydralic brake booster is sucking power from from the motor possibly due to a malfunction in the booster or a clog in a line i bel

Your 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 L Automatic Transmission is not shifting properly in order to get it to shift from 3 to 4 you have to shift it into neutral for a second and then back to Drive.?

This is a very common problem on Dodge transmissions and I'm about to fix this problem myself on my 1997 5.9L 1500. It's most likely being caused by faulty ATF selenoids. Repl

Does shifting to neutral at stoplights affect the long term health of automatic transmission engines?

It shortens the life of your transmission by shifting in and out of gear to get the longest life you would leave it in drive at all times every time you shift in and out of ge

When at a stop light should you shift into neutral?

Not required. In an auto transmission the gear is at its lowest when the brake is engaged and uses the same amount of fuel as in neutral. In manual transmission, I have seen f

Is shifting to neutral with an automatic transmission and coasting down hills detrimental to the car's engine and transmission?

This is not something I would recommend you do. It may do no harm and yet it may very well cause a build up of pressure and transmission problems. It will not hurt the engine
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Does shifting into neutral damage transmission?

Any unnecessary shifts cause additional wear on the shift mechanism, but that's a minor consideration. At a long signal light or train crossing, it's better for the transmissi