Entity relationship diagrams for library information system?

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Why are entity relationship diagrams used?

Entity Relationship (ER) diagrams are drawn when designing a database system, After the systems specification, an ER diagram is drawn showing the conceptual design of the data

Entity relationship diagram of a portfolio management system?

The entity relationship diagram of a portfolio management systemserves as a graphical representation of entities and theirrelationships to each other in a conceptual database

What is an Entity Relationship diagram for library management database?

An entity relationship diagram is a graphical documentation of a database's tables, fields, and the relationships between tables in the database. It shows all of the fields in

Define entity relationship diagram?

Entity relationship (ER) diagram, in software engineering is agraphical representation of describing data base in a systematicway. The main components of ER are the entities o

Importance of entity relationship diagram?

The entity relationship diagram is a representation of businessrules that applies to a company's data. It is an excellentcommunication tool that guides about the business requ

What is an entity-relationship diagram for college?

If I understood yr question correctly, you want to know answer for College. Below are the some entity for college? 1. College (Name,Address,City, State,Zip etc) 2. Tear
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Entity Relationship diagram for Hotel Reservation System?

An entity relationship diagram for hotel reservation systems is amap of each entity or thing that has a part in the process of hotelreservations. The diagram maps the relation
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Entity-Relationship Diagrams of Grading system?

An entity-relationship diagram of a grading system can be viewed byvisiting this website athttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/9486156/er-diagram-for-grading-system.There is in