Evolutionary biology is the study of?

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changes in genes within and among populations
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What is Evolutionary Biology?

Answer: Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary Biology is the study of how cellgroups have changed tissues in animals in order to adapt to the climate, and how different tissues c

What do you study in biology?

the chemistry of life, the cell, genetics, mechanisms of evolution, the evolutionary history of biological diversity, plant form and function, animal form and function, ecolog

Why you study biology biology?

To create a better understanding in life itself, and the world around us from humans to bacteria. The explanation could also be derived from the prefix and suffix in "Bio-l

What does Evolutionary biology is the study of?

Evolution .

Why are embryos studied in evolutionary biology?

Embryos are studied because they show the wonderful similarity that all species have when they are in utero (in the womb). We all start out with similar features, such as a ta
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What is the meaning of evolutionary biology?

Evolution is the change in allele frequencies in a population over time. In layman's terms, this means that it is the changes that appear over subsequent generations. It ex
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What did biology studies about?

Biology studies about life and living thing scientifically .

How does evolutionary biology explain homosexuality?

If gayness is inborn, then it would be reasonable to assume there are evolutionary advantages for it. A gay sexual orientation doesn't mean a person cannot reproduce with memb