Examples of character sketches?

How to write a four to five character sketch paragraph essay:
1.Introduction: Gives names of characters, title of story, or piece of drama in which the character appears.
2.Physical Description Provides description of what character looks like, dresses like. Age,weight, height, tattoos, etc.... for an example: I'm 6'2, not much muscle, brown hair, 15 years of age, my name is Frederick, and i have no scars, tattoos,etc...
3. Actions & Abilities: Traits which describe what the character does, or is capable of doing.
4.Moods, feelings, attitudes: Personal reactions to various situations. Emotional makeup of the character.
5.Conclusion: Last paragraph contains basic summary of character. May contain comments about the realism of character.

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What is the character sketch of harris?

Harris is a vain fellow who pretends to be extremely hard working  but usually pushes off the burden on other people. He is outspoken  and does not hesitate to tell his frie (MORE)
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What is the character sketch of louisa mebbin?

 Louisa Mebbin was a very shrewd  and cunning character who knew how to grab a chance to gain wealth  as and when opportunity knocked at her door. She can be called an  o (MORE)

What is the character sketch of Robinson Crusoe?

Robinson_Crusoe">Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe was a young man who was born in the year 1632 in York, a city to the north of England. He was rebellious, adventures and al (MORE)

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Character Sketch of Macbeth?

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Orlando's character sketch in as you like it?

Orlando   According to his brother, Oliver, Orlando is of noble character, unschooled yet somehow learned, full of noble purposes, and loved by people of all ranks as if he (MORE)
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Character sketch of Antony?

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What is the character sketch of Gulliver's travel?

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Character sketch essay?

A character sketch essay is an essay that describes a person. A  character sketch essay should include information about the  person/character such as their name and a descr (MORE)
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