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Examples of folk song in Visayas?

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some folks songs are chuaay and manang biday
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Examples of folk songs?

sitsiritsit,atin cu pung sing sing and matud nila and usahay are some examples of folk songs hope this helps

Philippine folk dance examples in Luzon Visayas and Mindanao?

Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao Folk Dance    LUZON -- Consisting of the tribes such as Ifugao, Benquet, Kalinga,  Bontoc, Apayo, Kalinga, sometimes these are call Igorot. "

Examples of Philippine folk songs?

Bahay Kubo   Dandansoy   Candansoy   Lubi-lubi   Pamulinawen   Ano dawidtong nasa cogon   Sarung Bagui

3 example of folk song?

1. beach baby -bon iver2. teardrop- Jose gonzales3. boy with a coin- iron and wine

Examples of folk song in mindoro?

Ang Hardinero is an oriental Mindoro folk song. The song is  characterized by a key minor and its lyrics may also be in  different dialects.