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Excess-3 code is known as self complimentary code why?

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Excess-3 code is also known as self complementary, because it can easily be complemented(9's complement) to perform addition in the case of subtraction.
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What is meant by self complementing binary codes?

a binary code is self complementary if complement of any code word is again a code .in self completing codes 9's complement of a number can be obtained by interchanging 0's an (MORE)

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What is the oldest known law code?

The earliest known  code of law was the Hammurabi code. It was the first laws codified  together. 
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What is self complementary code?

If the one's complement of the code is equal to the nine's complement of the code, then it is called a self complementing code.
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Assigning a code to represent data is known as?

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