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Excess-3 code is known as self complimentary code why?

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Excess-3 code is also known as self complementary, because it can easily be complemented(9's complement) to perform addition in the case of subtraction.
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What is mean by self completing code?

A self complementing code for Base-10 is a code for which the complement of a given encoded digit d[0-9] will result in 9-d, the 9's complement. To encode Base-10 numbers in

What is meant by self complementing binary codes?

a binary code is self complementary if complement of any code word is again a code .in self completing codes 9's complement of a number can be obtained by interchanging 0's an

What is self complementary code?

If the one's complement of the code is equal to the nine's complement of the code, then it is called a self complementing code.

What is the oldest known law code?

The earliest known  code of law was the Hammurabi code. It was the first laws codified  together. 

Why is an excess-3 code is called an unweighted code?

here we can't convert to any radix system.only one way adding 3 creates decimal system. Later we need convert what we want, in remaining radix systems we have weight/radix whi

What are advantages of gray code and excess-3 code?

Gray code:switching activity reduces due to which power consumption becomes less and speed can increase,for ex 7-0111 8-1000 above you can see switching takes place four time
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What is the application of excess 3 code?

It is a way to represent values with a balanced number of positive and negative numbers. The primary advantage of XS-3 coding over BCD coding is that a decimal number can be n