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Excess-3 code is known as self complimentary code why?

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Excess-3 code is also known as self complementary, because it can easily be complemented(9's complement) to perform addition in the case of subtraction.
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What is the application of excess 3 code?

It is a way to represent values with a balanced number of positive and negative numbers. The primary advantage of XS-3 coding over BCD coding is that a decimal number can be n

What is self-complementary codes?

A self complementing code is one thats 9's complement in decimal is the 1's complement in binary.   Ex: The 9's complement of 7 is 2 in decimal. In 2421 code, and .

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What is mean by self completing code?

A self complementing code for Base-10 is a code for which the complement of a given encoded digit d[0-9] will result in 9-d, the 9's complement. To encode Base-10 numbers in

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