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Explain any controllable elements of the business environment that effect growth in an organization?

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According to a definition on the link provided here>> http://www.quantum3.co.za/CI%20Glossary.htm#B, it clearly defines the meaning of a business environment, which is the foundation to begin with before answering the question. it defines a business environment as " encompasses all those factors that affect a company's operations, and includes customers, competitors, stakeholders, suppliers, industry trends, regulations, other government activities, social and economic factors, and technological developments" However, the definition given is very general, it does not distinguish or point out which elements are controllable and which are not. To my own understanding, controllable elements, also known as internal elements, are those which are within the organization which are eligible to controlling the operation of an organization, which includes the management, the hierarchy of the business, the personnel, the missions and visions of the organization and etc. The rest is for you to find out.
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