What were the causes and effects of the Korean War Discuss at least three causes and two effects?

The war was caused by various factors, including the Communists' desire to reunite Korea under their rule and the rise of Cold War tensions between Communist and non-Communist (MORE)

Can you explain how three fourths is least than five sixths?

When you have three fourths of something, one fourth is still missing. If you have five sixths of something, only one sixth is missing, so you have more than if one fourth is (MORE)
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Explain the problems militating against the effective practice of educational technology in Nigeria?

One major problem in Nigeria is overcrowding in the cities. Schools are overcrowded as well, and it becomes harder to add technology into the classroom when it is hard enough (MORE)

Identify the nations that went to war in 1914 Explain at least three causes of World War 1 and What effect did World War 1 have on the European consciousness?

The nations that went to war in 1914 include Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, France, Russia, and The United States of America. One cause of World War I was the assassinatio (MORE)