Explain employee mistrust as a challenge of MIS?

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People are naturally afraid of MIS technology, ie ...how will it be used... against them? Consistency and reliability of input by employee, managements reaction or inaction regarding employee input.
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Why were the writers of the constitution mistrustful of democracy?

they thought that the people would be unable to make wise decisions. . Answer . Back then, democracy was not what it was today. Democracy meant the mob. The mob meant anarchy. And anarchy meant despotism, which they had just freed themselves from. They were mistrustful of democracy because the (MORE)

What are E-transition challenges for Indian corporates explain?

\nAns:\nThe question may be arise, that, "Challenges Indian economy facing right now the examples of it in context of different companies how they overcome from these challenges?". The Internet is changing the way of business in all industries and corporate companies in India. In Indian corporates (MORE)

How to Deal with suspicion and mistrust in relationships?

Well... Im a girl who suspected my boyfriend all the time.. Its of no use to do so because if you keep suspecting your spouse, he/she will eventually get fed up & will leave... Unconditional love goes a long way.. I'm not telling you to be a door mat but give your best at playing the role of an id (MORE)

What are the challenges of MIS?

Challenges in studying MIS: Some of the distinguishing challenges that the people face while planning, using or approvingmanagement information systems are: • MIS requires a wide variety of knowledge areas including accounting, finance, marketing andmanufacturing. Therefore having both techn (MORE)

What are the causes why they mistrust the police?

Rodney Glen King (born April 2, 1965 in Sacramento, California) is an African-American construction worker [1] who, in 1991, was stopped and then beaten by Los Angeles Police Department officers (Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, Theodore Briseno and Sergeant Stacey Koon) after being chased for speed (MORE)

Explain the link between MIS and BPR?

Any exercise towards building design of the management information system will be preceded by an exercise of business process re-engineering. Building the MIS is a long-term project. It is, therefore, essential to have a relook at the organisation where the mission and goals of the organisation are (MORE)

Explain the sentence Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real?

Hmmm. It sounds a bit political. It literally means, that on this day the speaker wishes you to know that there are situations (using the word challenges to infer that the situation may be dire and may take some work to make better) that are not fantasy, imagined, or opinion. This is a politicall (MORE)

6 Explain the importance of monitoring performance in the workplace for the employee?

A surprisingly large amount of employees spent 20% of the office time on personal emails, IM chats, shopping sites, or even gaming. What's worse, some employees may go too far violating laws by stealing corporate confidential materials, sending racial harassing emails, surfing illegal webpages and l (MORE)

Explain what is meant by MIS?

MIS can be defined as a system that: . (a) Provides information to support managerial functions like planning, organizing, directing, controlling. . (b) Collects information in a systematic and a routine manner which is in accordance with a well defined set of rules. . (c) Includes files, hardwa (MORE)

Explain in detail the necessity and importance of Systems Design in MIS?

The business application system demands designing of systems suitable to the application in project. The major steps involved in the system design of Management Information Systems(MIS) are the following: Input Design - Input design is defined as the input requirement specification as per a fo (MORE)

Explain the steps in the design of an MIS?

1. Data collection through interview, source documents and personal observation. 2. Defining the problem in deatil. 3. Setting the system objective. 4. Establishing constraints. 5. Determining information needs and sources. 6. Develop alternative designs and select the best. 7. Documenting the conce (MORE)

Identify and explain circumstances under which an employer is liable for the injury of an employee working in an industry?

If you are hired to work in a factory, your employer is required by law to provide a safe working environment. Under a variety of federal and state laws, your employer is required to supply safety equipment such as visors, coveralls or high visbility clothing, places where you can wash yourself in c (MORE)

MIS what are the challenges faced by MIS managers today?

Challenges in studying MIS: Some of the distinguishing challenges that the people face while planning, using or approving management information systems are: • MIS requires a wide variety of knowledge areas including accounting, finance, marketing and manufacturing. Therefore having both techn (MORE)

What are the major challenges of planning for MIS?

the major answer for MIS, when examined closely, is quite simple. Through thorough analysis and critical thinking, it is clear that there is only one true option. The answer, a complex and multi-layered thesis, is one that depends on a few volatile yet for the most part controllabe factors. When one (MORE)

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How do you explain flat rate to auto body technician employees?

Flat rate is being paid for what you do not how long you are at work. Technician's that work hourly may receive $ 10.00 per hour. If he or she works 8 hours they receive $80.00 for the day. A flat rate employee is paid off the hours on the estimate. If the tech get an estimate with 20 hours he is pa (MORE)

Explain the benefits of MIS?

saves money and time it increase competitiveness it helps in decision making it provides training for staff it improves production and marketing techies

What are the challenges for implementing MIS?

Challenges of MIS while implemendting: . Advance technology . Competitors technology . Customer's orientation towards required information about product and quality . Industory orientation towards upcoming technology . Foreign Investers orientation in local markets . Government intervention in (MORE)

How can infidelity lead to emotional mistrust?

I think from my knowledge and reading a few books, the emotional situation is the one that happens first when a married man has this new friend that is there for him. An emotional affair is all about feelings and love, but infidelity is about sex. The emotional connection is the one that ruins the m (MORE)

An operations analyst suggested that company employee shared a dump on the clerk mentality Explain?

This mentality refers to the idea that the company loads the most amount of work on the lowest rank of employees. It refers to the idea that the employees with the least amount of power in an organization face the greatest amount of work; institutional barriers to alleviation of their condition; and (MORE)

Explain the challenges to the growth of internet?

Rapid growth of the internet both in terms of data traffic and in terms of diversity of service has led to a high complexity of network architecture. Developing a flexible network is a challenge.experts are still struggling to comprehend a solution to this. Also, experts have not arrived at a (MORE)

Why did federalist mistrust aliens?

The act directed at immigrants was the Alien Act. The Alien Act increased the duration from 4 to 15 years that a person had to live in the United States to become a citizen. The President gained the power to deport or imprison any alien he considered dangerous.

What are the employee selection challenges?

The challenges before an HR manager while selection of green horns are: - a five minute personal interview cannot judge all the qualities of a person. - the candidates coming for employee selection are masking their actual attitudes and show only desirable attitudes towards the interview panel (MORE)

How do you write a letter explaining why you logged in a late employee?

You're going to just have to write the truth. If you logged in a friend because they were running late, just simply tell them what they already know. Your employer already knows why you did it, they most likely want to see how responsible and honest you are. Do not make any excuses, just tell them y (MORE)

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