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Explain your answer?

In order to explain an answer, there must first be an answer to explain. In order for there to be an answer there must first be a question. In everyday life, however, the ans (MORE)

Whats words that start with a p and that explain you?

There are several adjectives that start with the letter, 'P.'Examples used to describe a person could be, 'pretty, peppy,pacifist, pouty, pained, pooped, or photographed.' The (MORE)

How do you explain what you are?

An easy way to explain to someone what you are is by saying what you do. Say if you love to paint, you can say you are an artist. Or if you love to play video game, you can sa (MORE)

Draw and explain the v-i characteristics of a p-n junction?

As you can't draw here, see link. . In the forward bias voltage direction (right side) current slowly rises until the knee is at 0.7V in silicon diodes (0.2V in germanium (MORE)
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How do you explain explain?

By explaining when being asked to explain you should give in allthe details of the question or topic which is given by ateacher/lecture.
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How do you explain your answer?

Give any supporting facts, opinions, or reasons. When giving an explanation, keep these questions in mind. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Answer as many of those as possibl (MORE)

Is the opening sentence of Waler P. Balooney's paper logical Explain?

Balooney's first assertion is "Life cannot possibly exist in any solar system other than our own." I would say that is illogical. He has no proof, and "cannot possibly" is a v (MORE)