Explain the relationship between private problems public issues and social policy and explain why policy formation was necessaryin the social policy and care provision?

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A public issue for example is a child who is being abused, this a a private problem for the child and the family. It becomes a public issue when media gets a hold of it, and broadcasts it. The abuser may be in your community in which the public will be disgusted in. So the public are in danger, so then the government take action to please the public. The government known as socila policy, who then inforce legislation and policys in which societ must follow. For example any peadophiles living in an area where children stay, parents are made aware off.
Social Policy
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What are the differences between public and private policy?

in C++/java if you want to perform data hiding(one of the concept of OOP's) you need to use Private. i.e. only functions in that class or object can use that. public can be used any where in the other program which is not a part of that class. Private classes are defined in order to increase the s (MORE)

Explain the difference between a claims made policy and an occurrence policy?

Claims Made vs Occurrence Commercial General Liability and other types of Personal Liability policies are generally "Occurrence" policies . This means "losses that occur during the policy term" are eligible for claims servicing. The policy active at the time of the loss is the policy that would (MORE)

Explain the role of fiscal policy and monteary policy?

Answer . Fiscal Policy involves taxes and spending. It is used (ofen incorrectly) to try to manage the business cycle. It is controlled by congress and the president. Monetary policy involves managing the money supply and interest rates. It has proven much more useful in managing inflation and r (MORE)

Define social policy?

A policy for dealing with social issues.. More elaborate definition: Social policy relates to guidelines for the changing, maintenance or creation of living conditions that are conducive to human welfare. Thus social policy is that part of public policy that has to do with social issues such as pub (MORE)

What are social policies?

Social policy deals with issues like social security, health, childcare, care of the elderly and those with disabilities. It isconcerned with provision to meet social needs,especially ofvulnerable groups, as well as mainstream concerns like health care.Every society has a form of social policy but t (MORE)

Can you explain relationship between private problems and public issues and social policy?

Private problems are those that involve intimate or personaldetails that will either be solved by the individual or those closeto him like friends and family. Public issues, are the ones thataffect people in a given geographical area. These problems willusually require some form of legislation to be (MORE)

What were Mussolini's economic and social policies?

Some of Mussolini's policies were: Battle of the Births : He wanted to promote women givingbirth (10 to 13 children) in order for him to have a largerpopulation to conscript his soldiers. This was not very successful,since women were newly being incorporated into the workforce anddid not wish to r (MORE)

Difference between Public policy and Private Policy?

Public policy is the decision made by government to tackle mattersand issues affecting all and sun dry , this decision or ratherthese decisions has intend or unintended effects. While privatepolicy are decisions made by and for private individuals.

What are the Philippines social policy?

The Philippines social policy aims at ensuring that all citizensare able to access quality social services. This is a duty that hasbeen devolved to the local government.

What are four influences on the making of social policy?

These are merely the first 4 influences which come to mind-there are many others.demographics-the size,composition,age,ethnic origin etc of society . Economics-the available funds/tax revenue for government/agency expenditure and the costs of policy solutions.Values-how a social problem is construct (MORE)

How does lobbying affect social policy?

Look into islam and learn, just a suggestion its not all about how the media shows it. Learn about it and you will see this, sorry to waste you time but this might help change your life for the better :)

Explain Hitler's foreign policy?

In the lead up to Worl War 2 Hitler had a very aggressive foreign policy. His main aims were to defeat communism, abolish the Treaty of Versailles, (for example in 1938 he formed and Anschluss with Austria, which was forbidden by the treaty), unite all Germans under one flag and expand Germany for (MORE)

Explain the concept of policy switching?

This is not a short topic since the question itself is general but I'll get you started. Policy switching can be used to define any sort of move to a different view than once was had. As with any decision or change in direction, there are benefits and disadvantages of policy switching. Most of th (MORE)

What is the difference between social policy and public policy?

Though they are pretty much the same thing, social policy isexpressed in policies, and practices that affect socialrelationships. Public policy is a set of decisions by thegovernment. Examples of public policy are Medicare, and WIC. Socialpolicy pertains to things like the 1995 Republican ñCo (MORE)

What does an insurance policy explain?

An insurance policy does not "explain" anything as such. Instead, it is a contract by which the insurance company assumes the financial risk of loss for certain occurrences from the insured in return for the payment of a premium. Part of the contract defines the scope of the risks that that the i (MORE)

What is the business policy and explain the importance of business policy?

A business policy is : guidelines to facilitate achieve predetermined objective as plan(decision making) involving all levels of the management in any business organisation.It set a statement on the mode and manner how the objectives will be achieved. Without a policy the organisation will function (MORE)

What is an explaination of competition policy in detail?

This policy is concerned with the maintenance of competition and preventing the formation of cartels and the use of restrictive agreements. Then this policy is proved and explained further by giving a lot of articles ( Treaty of Rome 1957:Art.85, ibid.Art.86, ibid.Art.90, ibid.L395/3, ibid.L3953-6 (MORE)

What is pricing policy explain factors involved in pricing policy?

Factors Involved In pricing Policy The pricing of the product involves consideration of the following factors: 1. Cost: Cost data occupy an important place in the price setting process. Cost are two types fixed cost and variable cost. In the short period which a firm wants to establish itself. (MORE)

What is the relationship between social policy and administration and political science?

Social or public policy is highly political and is created based upon a mixture of interest group activity, public opinion, and values held by politicians at the time of the making of public policy. Administration on the other hand is made to not be political because of the fact that bureaucratic (MORE)

Relationship between social policy and public policies?

Social policy primarily refers to guidelines, principles, legislation, and activities that affect the living conditions conducive to human welfare while Public policy as government action is generally the principled guide to action taken by the administrative or executive branches of the state wi (MORE)

What were the political and social policy adopted by Hitler?

Policies adopted by Hitler once he came to power in 1933. (a) Suspended civil rights. (b) Communists sent to consertration camps. (c) Introduced Enabling Act. (d) Banning of all political parties and trade unions. (e) State control over economy, media, army and Judiciary. (f) Creation of (MORE)

How is social policy effective?

The principles, guidelines, activities, and legislation that affect the living conditions for people that is conducive to their welfare is known as social policy. Social policy is effective because it strengthens health care, education, and employment.

What is a major social policy issues faced by President Barack Obama?

Immigration and particulary illegal immigration is a majorquestion. Amnesty did not work the first time but what can we dowith the millions of illegals. Related to this is jobs. Do theillegals actually take jobs or do they do work that nobody elsewill do ? Another question is health care. Does the f (MORE)

Can you explain what compliance policies are?

Compliance policies are a set of rules or instructions and expectations that must be followed when you agree to the compliance policy or joining a group or website with a compliance policy.

How does any social issue become a new policy?

Social Issues typically come about in two ways. Political fabrication, or grassroot interest. They can be instigated through mediums such as special interests (ex. green movement), religion, or ideology. Through political fabrication, a leader of government can suggest that the issue affects the co (MORE)