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A fashion designer designs fashion. With out a fashion designer, there would be no fashion, no clothes. Basicly, they design an outfit that a company will maufacture or, the designer will compose the outfit they made. so that either the model can wear it, or every day people. and there is more than one kind of fashion designer.
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What role plays commercial patterns in fashion industry?

Development of Commercial patterns: Commercial patterns were first made in U.S.A in the 1850's by Ebenezer Butterick who was a tailor. In the beginning they were crude pattern

What is the role of a sample maker in the fashion industry?

A sample maker is paramount in fashion industry. Since the samples they produce must be approved by the fashion creative directors and designers prior to mass production. A sa

How does the fashion industry work?

The fashoin industry works when the producer (the farmer) sell his raw matereal to factorys were then the goods are given to the manager to try and sell to top brands. After t

What is fashion design?

Fashion design is a art form that deals only with clothes and accesories. It has to do with culture, the time period, and social influences. Fashion only consists of two seaso

How do you design fashion?

Designing is a purely creative process. In fashion, you take all that creativity and put it in the form of an outfit. You can start by drawing out whatever comes to your mind

What does a fashion designer do?

A fashion designer designs clothes, basically. Sometimes they combine different styles together, and sometimes they make up entirely new stuff. They also just add accessories

Why do fashion designers hold fashion shows?

To showcase their upcoming line of clothing.    The contributor above has given a fine answer to the question of  way fashion designers hold fashion shows. As a former

Definition of fashion and fashion design?

  Fashion-is clothing and a style that you and other people may have, or precieve to be cool or "IN".   Fashion Design- is creating (sewing) new clothing desgins and se

What you have to do to be a fashion designer?

For a young professional seeking to become a fashion designer with not much designing experience or background is quite challenging nowadays. The first step in becoming a desi

What is the disadvantage of fashion industry?

  Most of the models they use to promote a certain fashion have health problems because of their diets and how much they work out. Also, a huge disadvantage is the fact th

Explain the role of a fashion designer in athe fashion industry?

  a very good fashion designer can through his creative ideas in athe fashion industry. He can produced comfortable dresses by using soft materials in good looking combina

The importance of a fashion show for a fashion designer?

A fashion show is a chance for a designer to show off their collection and overall creativity level. Often the media are at catwalks, if the media like a collection they can h

What is fashion designing?

Fashion Designing is clothes that have original designs on it and is indiviual.   Its When people design different styles of clothes, bags E.C.T    Its When people de